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Pool Safety During a Tropical Storm or Hurricane

On Jul 18, 2016


Hurricanes and tropical storms can work their way across Florida from June through November. Florida residents usually have advance notice from the National Hurricane Center when a storm system is headed towards the peninsula.

Your backyard swimming pool can be subject to damage during a hurricane and there are several precautions that are necessary before the high winds arrive. Your home may not get a direct hit from a storm but you will probably experience heavy rain and wind. It is best to be prepared.

Never Drain Your Pool

You need the weight of the water in the swimming pool to keep it in the ground. Above ground pools will also do better full. An empty pool in rain-soaked ground can float, crack and break. This is common with fiberglass pool surfaces set into wet ground.

Your deck and yard should be well drained. Remove or drain all puddle water from the deck before the storm.

Remove Covers From The Pool

The only exception is a hurricane proof pool cover attached to the ground, usually with tubes. These safety covers are designed to work in high winds.

An in-ground spa tub should not be covered but the above ground type may have a hinged lid that can be tightly attached to the tub frame.

Many lightweight pool covers can blow away or harm other structures, depending on their size.

Remove Loose Items From The Pool Area

Store all patio furniture, pool toys and pool tools indoors to prevent them from blowing around and causing damage to buildings and the pool. 

Disconnect All Electrical Systems

Shut down the motor and pump system. recommends "wrapping the pump motor, time clock, light transformers and electric heaters with a waterproof plastic membrane and tying it securely in place to prevent sand and driving water from entering."

Hopefully these tips will help you avoid damage to your pool should a storm occur. Watch for signs of a pool leak. If your pool does get damaged during a storm, the team at Aquaman Leak Detection is here to help detect leaks and repair them quickly.

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