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Get Rid of Black Algae for Good

On Sep 11, 2018

Get Rid of Black Algae for GoodYou just found yourself googling, "how to get rid of black algae." Rest assured, you are not alone. Many responsible pool owners have found themselves in the same boat - or should I say pool - like you. Keeping your pool water healthy and clear takes effort, but it is possible!

Say Goodbye to Black Algae

Black algae is resistant to chlorine due to an outer protective layer and is more often blue or green in color. Black algae grows rapidly in warm water and tends to cling to areas in your pool that are usually in the shade. While the best pool maintenance is to prevent black algae, ridding your pool of it can be accomplished!

Steps to Remove Black Algae

  1. Your first step is to make sure the pool chemicals are balanced. Chlorine should be at 2.0 ppm - 4.0 ppm with the pH level range from 7.4 - 7.6. Lastly, the calcium in the pool should range from 200 ppm - 400 ppm.
  2. Brush. Brush. And brush some more. This is where persistence is needed. As mentioned earlier, black algae has a protective layer that makes it resistant to chlorine. You need to consistently brush the algae to remove the protective layer so the chemicals can kill the algae at the root. If you have a pool surface that tolerates a hard steel brush, use one to scrub the algae. Scrubbing with a chlorine tablet also works. After brushing, vacuum your pool to keep the algae out of the filter. (More on that later.)
  3. Add algaecide to the pool water. Allow the algaecide to work for a few days.
  4. Clean your filter. The filter is a prime candidate for black algae to hide out and grow. You want to make sure that the filter is clean and free of algae.
  5. Shock your pool. Unsure of how to safely shock your pool? Read this article!
  6. Repeat Step 2. Brush and vacuum any debris and algae in your pool. If needed, repeat Step 5.
  7. Sanitize all the things. All pool toys, floats, and miscellaneous pool items should be cleaned with a cleanser that contains bleach. Additionally, wash and dry all your swimsuits and towels in a washing machine and dryer to kill any algae that may be present on them.
  8. Maintain proper pool chemical levels. After your hard work to remove the algae, the last thing you want to see is algae again. Keeping your levels balanced is vital.

Congratulations! You have now bid black algae farewell.

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