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Why Your Leaking Pool Pump Might Be A Bigger Problem Than You Think

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 16, 2018 9:04:34 AM / by Aquaman posted in Leak Detection, slab leaks, Pool Pump Leak, swimming pool leak

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Is your pool pump leaking? There are a couple of different areas where your pool pump can leak. Some are an easy fix and some, well, are a problem. If your pool pump is leaking, it is not something you want to leave unattended. Leaking pool pumps require your immediate attention!

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Do I Have a Slab Leak Around My Florida Swimming Pool?

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 30, 2018 6:30:00 AM / by Aquaman posted in slab leaks, swimming pool leak

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Do you suspect you have a slab leak around your swimming pool? If so, you need to take your suspicions seriously! Letting a slab leak go undetected and unrepaired could lead to significant problems. Early detection is critical. Read on to learn what a slab leak is, signs of a slab leak, and how to determine if you have a slab leak around your Florida swimming pool.

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5 Reasons You Should Fix a Slab Leak Immediately

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 2, 2017 6:30:00 AM / by Aquaman posted in slab leaks

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Slab leaks occur under the foundation where the water pipes carry water to and from the home. Shifting soil can lead to the movement of these pipes. If the pipes have cracks or holes in them, it can lead to costly issues. Sometimes it’s a water leak that causes the soil to shift, causing further damage to the pipes. A slab leak is a major problem, especially in Florida where a high underground water table is normal.

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