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Why Your Leaking Pool Pump Might Be A Bigger Problem Than You Think

On Oct 16, 2018

Why Your Leaking Pool Pump Might Be A Bigger Problem Than You ThinkIs your pool pump leaking? There are a couple of different areas where your pool pump can leak. Some are an easy fix and some, well, are a problem. If your pool pump is leaking, it is not something you want to leave unattended. Leaking pool pumps require your immediate attention!

Your Leaking Pool Pump Might Be A Bigger Problem Than You Realize

As previously mentioned, there are different causes for a leaking pool pump. We will go over the most common types of pool pump leaks, and if it is an easy fix or a bigger problem!

Intake Leak

An intake leak occurs at the point where the intake hose line is not tightly fastened to the pump. If the connection is loose, you may notice a constant drip of water. If left as is, it will become looser and start to stream or spray water. Continual neglect, and the hose becomes completely disconnected, and you soon lose a lot of water from your pool. If you locate a loose connection early during routine maintenance and tighten it, you have yourself an easy fix. Unfortunately, if left undetected, you find yourself with a bigger problem!

Return Line Leak

Similarly to the intake line, the return line, which returns the water to the pool can leak as well. If there is a loose connection, you will notice water dripping as well as your pool water level to start to lower. In addition to a loose fitting, you also want to look for a crack in the return line. While not as easy as tightening a loose fitting, repairing a crack in the pipe is also on the easier side with the use of epoxy or putty.

Shaft Seal Leak

A shaft seal leak causes the biggest problems. Identifying a shaft seal leak is easy - water dripping from seal shaft. If you identify it early enough and replace the seal (also an easy task), you save yourself from bigger problems down the road. However, if a shaft seal leak is left unrepaired, it causes significant damage to the motor, causing a replacement to be needed.

The best way to keep your pool pump leak from becoming a bigger problem is by performing regular maintenance on your pool. Investing your time in being proactive saves you time and money in the long run!

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