How to Patch a Pool with Water in it

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3 Common Excuses for Ignoring Pool Leaks

Have you ever known you had a problem and chose to ignore it? As the old saying goes, “ignorance is bliss” -- unless that ignorance is in regards to pool leaks. If you have ignored the signs of a pool leak, while not a wise decision, you are not.

4 Signs Your Inground Pool has a Pipe Leak

Do you suspect your inground pool has a pipe leak? While, not an ideal situation, you can quickly identify a pipe leak by checking for the following.

Why People Confuse Pool Evaporation and Pool Leaks

You performed your regular seasonal maintenance on your pool and immediately became concerned when you noticed your pool water level. The water level is well below the average level, and now you are beginning to panic. The first thing to ask is what.

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