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4 Signs Your Inground Pool has a Pipe Leak

On Jan 2, 2019

4 Signs Your Inground Pool has a Pipe LeakDo you suspect your inground pool has a pipe leak? While, not an ideal situation, you can quickly identify a pipe leak by checking for the following.

Does Your Inground Pool have a Pipe Leak?

Inground pool pipe leaks can wreak havoc on your pool so you want to identify and fix the leak as soon as possible. Underground pipe leaks can occur from tree roots, insects, shifting soil, and freezing. Here are four signs you need to look for:

Damp Yard

Is there a damp spot in your yard that does not dry out? This could very well be the result of a pipe leak. When a pipe is leaking underground, the water rises to the surface. Another indication is greener, healthier looking grass in that area. If you cannot figure out why only one area of your yard is damp, a pipe leak is most likely the culprit. Try digging a small hole and see if the hole fills immediately with water.

Low Water Pressure

Has the water pressure in your house decreased? Unfortunately, if you have noticed a decrease in your water pressure, the likely cause is a pipe leak. This will be a decrease in all water supply areas, not just one location. If only one area has low pressure that is due to either a clog or leak in the pipe that feeds that fixture.

Cracks in the Concrete

Do you have a crack in your concrete pool decking? Cracks in concrete around the pool area or even the garage are a sign of a pipe leak. Check to see if there is discoloration in the cement around the crack from water seeping.

Mold and Mildew

Have you discovered mold, mildew, or green algae on your baseboards or lower walls of your house? If your exposed indoor pipes are all secure and you have verified they are not leaking, most likely you are dealing with an underground pipe leak. Along with the mold and mildew, you may also notice that the floors and carpet are damp.

Thankfully, inground pool pipe leaks are not the primary cause of pool leaks. However, if after checking the above signs you realize you have an inground pool pipe leak you want to contact a professional. With state of the art technology, pool leak detection professionals can pinpoint a leak without damaging your property.

Do you suspect that you have a pool leak? Contact the professionals at Aquaman Leak Detection today.

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