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How To Dye Test For A Swimming Pool Leak

On Aug 15, 2016


A dye test is one way to investigate swimming pool leaks. Red, yellow and blue dyes are used to find a swimming pool leak in the surface of a pool or spa tub. The red dye is the most common while a florescent yellow dye can be used for a dark painted surface. The blue dye is used on light colored pool surfaces.

How The Dye Test Works

A dye test works because the concentrated dye is heavier than the water. It is applied with a syringe close to the area where the spa tub or swimming pool leak is suspected. The pump should be off and the water still for this test. The color will be sucked into the crack or fissure that is causing the leak. The dye identifies the area and the water movement into the fissure. All dye colors will eventually dissipate in the water.

Dyes work on all pool surfaces including vinyl, fiberglass and gunite or cement. Fluorescent yellow dye will work well on the vinyl pool with a dark blue surface. The pool can be in-ground or the above-ground style in a frame.

This process is used to find surface leaks when the pool's drain, skimmer and fittings pass inspection. The crack or fissure may be felt rather than seen by an experienced leak detection technician who knows what to look for in the water.

Fixing Leaks

A leaking pool can saturate the ground around it and cause problems with the skimmer and pump system. It is important to fill the cracks as soon as the leak is detected. This can be done without draining the pool.

Special patches can be applied to a vinyl pool lining if the material tears. This must be done immediately to prevent the tear from spreading. Vinyl is very susceptible to tears that can cause a swimming pool leak.

Special epoxy fillings are used on concrete and fiberglass pools. Gunite, a concrete and sand mix, is very durable and cracks in the surface are rare. Nevertheless, older swimming pools can have small surface cracks that can lead to bigger problems. A quick setting epoxy can be used underwater to fix cracks and areas where fittings have pulled away from the surface.

Aquaman Leak Detection uses the dye method to confirm suspected surface cracks causing pool leaks. They are fixed on sight with the epoxy filler. Work is quick without harming your property or creating a mess. You will also receive a warranty that covers our work.

Aquaman serves 11 counties in Central Florida coast-to-coast. We have also found and repaired pool leaks in Texas, California, the Bahamas and Costa Rica. We are always available for emergency repairs, especially after a storm system has moved through.

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