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Is Your Pool Leaking? 5 Reasons to Hire a Pro Rather Than DIY

Your swimming pool and/or spa is a major investment in your Florida home. You need a professional, licensed swimming pool leak detection company to fix leaks, pumps, filters and other pool problems to keep your pool system working efficiently.

#1. Your in-ground pool was installed by a licensed contractor who probably specialized in swimming pool construction and installation. A contractor and plumber probably installed your in-ground hot tub or worked on your bathroom remodel that included a spa. 

A professional leak detection company should be contacted to find and fix leaks. You may do more harm to the pool if you try to repair major problems yourself.

#2. Part of the leak location process involves a computerized analysis your water loss. This includes the rate at which water is running out of the pool. Normal evaporation is taken into consideration.

You can perform the basic bucket test to determine if you have a leak but that does not locate the problem. You can inspect the pump system yourself and possibly make minor repairs.

Pools owners are always advised to clean their filters, skim and brush the pool. Serious problems require professional services to repair or replace parts in the pump system.

A professional leak detection company will know how to find the leak by first isolating the pool's plumbing from other plumbing in your home. Pumps, filters, heater, chlorinators and automatic control systems will be carefully inspected, especially if the water level is lower when the pump is on. The leak can be caused by a bad connection, defective filtration, jammed impellers or a broken pipe.

#3. The leak can also come from cracks in the pool's surface or the ground around the pool. Specialized hi-tech equipment is often used to locate the leak. New technology allows a professional leak detection company to find leaks through sound sensors. The delicate instruments can actually hear leaks.

Your pool will also be pressure tested. Water pressure at the bottom of the pool can cause cracks to expand quickly.

#4. A pool inspection and detection company has diving equipment. A professional technician can inspect underwater drains and other features that might cause leakage. This person will conduct a dye test underwater. A drop of red dye is released along the sides or bottom of the pool on a suspected crack. The dye will be sucked into the crack or tear, confirming the location of the leak.

Cracked tiles and broken grout at the bottom or sides of the pool can cause leakage. Lights and other underwater fixtures attached to the pool can also cause leaks if their connections weaken. Expert technicians can often make repairs underwater without draining the pool.

#5. A professional leak detection company can fix structural cracks in gunite or fiberglass, major pool construction materials. Vinyl is another material that can be patched. The pool may have to be drained for this type of repair that uses special equipment.

Aquaman Leak Detection has special patented leak detection technology to pinpoint leaks in pools and in your home. This includes leaks under the house foundation, around your pool paving, garage floor and other areas. Detection comes within an inch of a broken water line.

Aquaman serves Brevard and 10 surrounding counties with same day service. Swimming pool leaks may be easy to fix immediately to prevent further water loss. Some repairs may require more work. All work is done by trained technicians who know exactly how to find the leaks make repairs.

Contact Aquaman, available 24 hours for emergency services.

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