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Estimating Pool Leak Detection Cost: 4 Factors to Consider

On Sep 5, 2017

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Pool leak detection can be quick with little cost or more expensive, depending on the location of the leak. Pool parts wear out over time and need to be replaced. Leaking can be an indication of this. A professional leak detection service will try to find the pool leak in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

A simple leak in a hose connection may be easy to repair. A leak in the pump system may be more complex. A new pump and motor system can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,500 depending on the size of the pool. Stand alone spa tub motors may cost less. Pump systems often break down when intake lines are plugged with debris or the skimmer basket is too full to allow water to circulate.

Several factors need to be weighed when considering the cost of pool leak detection:

  • Location of the leak
  • How long the pool has been leaking
  • The type of leak
  • The amount of time required for repairs

Pool Surface Leaks

The walls of an in-ground concrete and gunite pool may crack if the pool is older or if it was hit by a hard object. This type of crack in the plaster coating requires a special material to reseal it. A small leak can be detected with red dye and carefully sealed without the need to drain the pool.

Leaks at the main drain at the bottom of the pool may be caused by a loose bolt or screw. This is an easy repair by a person with diving equipment.

A tear in the side of a vinyl pool liner can be repaired with a special kit. All of the pool surface leaks should be found as soon a possible to prevent further erosion of the surface. This is especially important in vinyl liners that tear easily.


Pool leak detection begins by checking all fittings including ladders and railings. This applies to spa tubs as well as pools. It is easy to tighten the screws holding the base of the fittings. You will also want to check the light fixture as well. Make sure the outside frame is tight.

Check for loose tiles and cracks in the grouting. Water can erode the cracks and create leaks. Water level below the intake opening can also cause major pump problems. Low water levels may be the result of a slow leak.

Underground Leaks

Leaks in the PVC pipes carrying water to the pump from the skimmer and intake system can be located with pressure testing and ultrasonic equipment. The sooner this problem is located, the easier it is to repair.

The entire deck does not have to be removed to reach the plumbing pipes. Ultrasonic equipment used by Aquaman Leak Detection can pinpoint the leaking line. The decking above it is removed, and next the leak is plugged. The final step is that the deck is replaced.

Total It Up

A pool leak that does not require water to be drained or decking to be removed will be less expensive. It will also take less time to complete the repair. Pool parts vary in cost. A professional repair service should be able to order your part and install them. This will ensure the right part for your pool is found the first time.

A repair that is more extensive will include more than the cost of parts and repair. You will have to factor in the cost of the labor required to repair the leak. You may also need to factor in deck or landscaping repairs if you cannot complete them yourself. Your water bill will increase when the pool is refilled after the repair is complete. You will also need to make sure the chlorine ph is balanced again, which might be an additional chemical purchase.

The best way to prevent the cost of a pool leak from skyrocketing is to keep a close eye on the water level and other warning signs of a leak. If the leak is found early, the cost of repair will probably be lower. There will be less damage to the plumbing system or other areas around the leak. Also, there will be a reduced impact on your water bill.

For more information on the cost of a leak, check out this article: How Much Money Can a Pool Leak Really Cost You?

Although some repairs can be taken care of by yourself, many will need the help of a professional. Aquaman Leak Detection works to find and repair leaks immediately. One visit will usually be all that is necessary. Aquaman covers Brevard County and 10 neighboring counties in Central Florida with same-day service.

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