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How Much Money Can a Pool Leak Really Cost You?

On Apr 4, 2016

How Much Money Can a Pool Leak Really Cost You?

A swimming pool is a major investment in your home that increases its value. The average cost of a backyard pool in Florida with decking and landscaping is roughly $50,000. The pool may also include a spa tub and decorative water element that turns your backyard into a mini-resort.

The cost of a pool leak or hot tub leak can be very high if it is not fixed immediately. A leak can ruin the pool and plumbing system, cause flooding, and damage decking.

Pool Types

Fiberglass and gunite are the most common materials used for in-ground pools. Vinyl pools are also used for in-ground and above-ground for pools, hot tubs, ponds, and other water elements. Each type of material requires a different process for fixing leaks.

You may cut down the cost of a pool leak by fixing it with a do-it-yourself patch kit. This works on vinyl or plaster in a smaller pool or water element. Larger pools will probably require professional service.


The estimates on fixing a leak start at $100 and move upwards. The national average cost of pool repairs is approximately $560 based on recent figures from about 2,000 homeowners. This is admittedly vague since there are so many different factors to consider.

  • Size of pool
  • Age of pool and pump system
  • Pool construction
  • Location

A well-made in-ground swimming pool can last for 30 years or more with careful maintenance. Above-ground pools may have a shorter lifespan of 15-20 years. Continued maintenance is the key to prolonging the life of a pool.

The cost of a pool leak in a fiberglass shell can run about $300 for a spider crack that spreads. Fixing a crack in the plaster coating of a gunite pool can start at $65 for a small leak. This is about the same cost for a spa leak. Resurfacing a gunite pool can cost over $1,000.

A torn liner in a vinyl pool can cost about $1,700 to replace if the leak is not fixed immediately. The bead that holds the liner in place around the pool can cost around $130 for 150 feet.


A pool pump is an expensive item. The cost of replacing a pump in Florida is estimated at $450 to $550. Pumps should be checked for leaks. A pump that is maintained and used sparingly will save energy costs and last for years.

It may cost more to repair the lines leading to the pump system but it is important for efficient operation. The decking may have to be removed to find plumbing leaks. Aquaman Leak Detection has high-tech sound equipment to locate a plumbing leak without tearing up the decking.

Contact Aquaman in Brevard County for an estimate on the cost of leak repairs. All repairs are covered by a warranty. Aquaman Leak Detection offers emergency services to quickly fix leaks, saving you money on extensive repairs.

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