How to Patch a Pool with Water in it

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A Pool Leak Can Lead to More Problems Than You Realize

On Dec 5, 2016


Swimming pool leak detection may save your pool. An in-ground gunite pool with a leak in the surface that is ignored can cause massive problems and ruin your pool.

Some of the problems include:

  • Sinkholes
  • Dirty water
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Increased energy cost


Wet ground around the perimeter of the pool can lead to a sinkhole that may destroy the cement and plaster. An in-ground pool is heavy. It is usually made of gunite, a mixture of sand and cement. It has a plaster coating that can chip away and crack after years of use and neglect. This is called "spalling". Broken plaster and delamination can lead to serious leaks into the surrounding ground.

In-ground fiberglass pools are less likely to have leaks as long as the water level maintains adequate pressure on the ground. However, water loss in the pool and heavy, wet soil can cause the sides of the fiberglass pool to buckle inward, ruining the foundation.

The water table in most of Florida is high and ground that is saturated from a leaky pool may settle to a different level. Porous limestone is the underlying soil in most of the peninsula. Leaking pool water can erode the soil very quickly. If your decking seems soggy or it is settling to a lower level, you may have a leak in your pool.

The earth movement can cause cracks in the pool deck and surrounding area. Changes in the moisture level of the ground will continue with an endless cycle causing more pool and deck cracking unless the leak is immediately repaired.

Shifting of the soil and the pool may cause intake and return water lines to break away from their connections. This will cause additional plumbing problems with the pool's pump and water circulation.

Water Balance

In addition to losing water, a leak in your pool may let in bits of soil. This will make it difficult to keep the pool clean and maintain the pH balance between acid and alkaline levels. The water will not be clear and it can lead to the growth of algae and moss. The filter system will be working overtime, raising your energy cost.

The lawn or garden area around your pool may be saturated with chlorinated water that can harm plantings. This soggy soil can also extend into a neighbor's yard.

Professional Pool Leak Detection

Check the surface of your pool on a regular basis for any cracks or leaks from the drain. Also, check the ground around it for excess water. If you cannot locate the leak, contact Aquaman Leak Detection serving Brevard County and all of Florida. Aquaman uses modern ultrasound technology to locate broken pipes under the ground.

A special red dye can be used to locate cracks in the pool's surface without draining the pool. Problems with the drain at the bottom of the pool can be located and repaired without draining. Most cracks can be repaired using a special sealant without the need to lower the water level.

Don't allow small cracks in your pool to grow into larger problems. Foundation leak detection is a key to preserving your in-ground pool.

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