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3 Common Excuses for Ignoring Pool Leaks

On Jan 21, 2019

Aquaman Leak Detection - 3 Common Excuses For Ignoring Pool Leaks

Have you ever known you had a problem and chose to ignore it? As the old saying goes, “ignorance is bliss” -- unless that ignorance is in regards to pool leaks. If you have ignored the signs of a pool leak, while not a wise decision, you are not alone.

3 Common Excuses for Ignoring Pool Leaks

Pool leaks are a reality to pool owners. You are bound to experience a pool leak in your tenure of pool ownership. However, most pool leaks are easily detectable by performing bucket tests or dye tests and are also usually fixable by the pool owner. Yes, some pool owners still choose to ignore their leaks for one reason or another. Here are a few of the common excuses.

Cost of Repair

Owning a pool comes with it the responsibility of maintaining it. To properly maintain your pool you need to invest in the right chemicals, spare parts, and repair materials. However, some pool owners fail to consider the cost of maintaining a pool after they have decided to become a pool owner, and therefore have not appropriately budgeted. If this is the case, the thought of needing to repair a pool leak has pool owners seeing dollar signs. However, most pool leak repairs can be fixed with epoxy or a pool repair kit, that are both reasonably priced and will save you money that you could be spending if you do not address your pool leak quickly.


Another common excuse for ignoring a pool leak is denial. Whether, it is due to it being a new pool, or that the pool was just serviced, or that it has been extremely hot, and the water loss is automatically determined (without being confirmed with a bucket test) to be from evaporation, denial is a big player when not wanting to address a potential problem with your pool. The belief that a leak couldn't be possible often leads to problems more significant than a pool leak.


The third excuse is plain ignorance. Some pool owners just haven't taken the time to educate themselves on the signs and symptoms of a pool leak. Knowledge is power! There is a lot to learn in regards to the ins and outs of a pool.

  • how the pump and filter work
  • chemicals and pH balance
  • signs of a leak
  • required maintenance

When a pool owner is unaware of what signs to look for, in regards to a leak, they will not be able to identify one and therefore not be able to take action to fix it. Remember, leaking pools don't have to be the end of the world, so if you think you have a leak, don't waste any time and check it out!

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