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Be Sure To Check For Leaks When Doing Pool Maintenance

On Jun 5, 2017

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During routine pool maintenance you can save yourself from large expenses related to pool repairs by staying alerted to leaks in your pool. By always taking the time to check for pool leaks during your routine maintenance you can catch a leak when it begins. Finding a leak and repairing it immediately will save water, your pool's pump system, and your grounds. This also applies to spa tubs and even water features such a ponds.

Water Level

It is important to know the right water level for your pool or spa tub. It should be about two-thirds above the bottom the skimmer assembly. This allows water to be sucked into the filter and pump system.

Check the water level when the pump is off and the pool is not in use. You can check it in the morning when you uncover the pool. Daily evaporation should be no more than a quarter of an inch for an uncovered pool. Notice any minor changes in the water level over a few days if the water loss is not significant.

Perform the bucket test over a 24-hour period if the water level continues to drop. This will confirm a leak.

Questions to ask yourself or someone else involved in pool maintenance:
  • When was the drop in water level first noticed?
  • Were there any unusual weather conditions?
  • Was the pool covered completely?
  • Did several people use the pool and splash too much water?
  • Did the pool stop losing water at a certain level?

Dry, windy weather can cause more evaporation when the pool is uncovered. If you notice a lower water level after a few windy days, that could be the cause. Continue to monitor the water level and keep the pool and/or spa tub covered when not in use.

Splashing by playful children will lower the water level. It is nice to control the splashing if you can. Take this type of event into consideration when you are cleaning the pool after extensive use.

If the leak stops after a couple of inches, check your fittings near the top of the pool. A loose ladder or a crack in a step where it meets the pool shell may be the cause.

You should also check for pool leaks at the skimmer assembly if the water level continues to drop.

Examine the Grounds

Splashing may cause water to puddle on the decking but a leak in the plumbing line will also have this effect. You probably have a plumbing line leak if the deck water does not evaporate.

Check for pool leaks if water continues to puddle on the decking when the pump is off. A crack in the PVC intake or return line may be responsible for this problem. This can be repaired immediately to prevent erosion under the pool.

Excessive dirt in your pool is another indication of a leak. This type of leak can possibly be at the drain. The drain at the lowest part of the pool should also be sucking water into the filter when the pump is on. A loose or clogged drain can cause a leak.

Underground leaks and drains must be repaired by professionals. Aquaman Leak Detection will locate the plumbing leak under decking and make immediate repairs without destroying the entire pool deck. Locating the plumbing leak is not difficult with Aquaman's patented ultrasonic system.  Aquaman serves Brevard and 10 neighboring counties in Central Florida.


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