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What's the Optimal Water Level for Your Pool?

On Mar 27, 2017

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Pool owners often wonder what the optimal water level is for their pool. The pool water level is best measured at the skimmer assembly. The water level should be about one-third of the distance below the top of the skimmer.  You may be able to judge the distance using the screws that hold the assembly in place as a guideline. Some assemblies may have a marker to indicate the best water level. You’ll want to check for leaks if the water level falls below the recommended level.

The skimmer should not be completely covered with water. You need air space to trap floating debris. A skimmer assembly covered with water will suck in too much liquid and not enough air.

The skimmer may not be able to take in all of the debris with a lower water level. It will also suck in air and cause a gurgling sound. The intake of air in place of water can damage the pump system.

This recommendation applies to hot tub spas as well. The water should be at the right level when the pump is on. The water level needs to cover the jets in a spa tub for maximum efficiency. Jets should be placed at a level well below the water line.

Suggested Tips

Keep an eye on the water level if you have a pool filter system that requires backwashing. The pool should be filled to the right level when the backwash is finished.

Above-ground pools must always be filled to hold the pool in place. In-ground fiberglass pools can buckle can buckle when surrounded by wet ground if they are not filled to the recommended level.

In-ground concrete and gunite pools require water at the recommended level to help protect the surface. Many pools have decorative tile borders around the walls that are indications of the preferred water level. 

Commercial pools often have drains along the side of the pool to catch and circulate excess water from splashing and displacement. This helps to keep water at the correct level.

Keep pools covered when not in use to limit evaporation. If the pool water level is below the skimmer assembly when it is uncovered, you may have a leak.


The optimal water level recommendation is for a pool or spa tub not in use when the pump is on. The water level will change when people are in the pool. The estimated water level compensates for use.

Waves caused by the movement of people in the pool will help the skimmer assembly take in debris. Sufficient water will be sucked into the intake lines as long as the water is at the pool water level was adequate before use. 

Check for Leaks

Keeping the pool filled to the recommended level should not be difficult. If the water level falls below recommendations, use the bucket test to check for leaks. If you suspect a leak, check the skimmer assembly first. A loose skimmer or a crack in that area can be easily repaired. 

Contact Aquaman Leak Detection for suspected leaks in the pool surface or plumbing lines. We will repair leaks immediately to keep your pool clean and ready for swimmers. Aquaman serves Houston, Texas, as well as Brevard County and 10 neighboring counties in Central Florida with fast service. We warranty our work.

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