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Is Your Pool Pump Leaking? Check for a Pool Skimmer Clog

On Dec 26, 2016

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A clogged skimmer can cause pool pump leaking, resulting in serious problems and costly repairs. When the intake line becomes clogged with debris, water will not circulate through the system. You may notice water on the deck or the floor of the pump room indicating a serious problem with the intake line and circulation.

Items that can clog a skimmer include:

  • Twigs
  • Flowers, grass, and leaves
  • Small toys
  • Floating dirt, sand, and other debris

The skimmer is located in the deep cutout on the side of the pool's wall. It has a basket for collecting debris and it can become full. The pump uses suction to pull in the water to the filter at the skimmer indentation. The suction line may be pulling in air if water does not get through or it may not work at all.

Unclogging the Skimmer

You can usually access the skimmer by removing its cover. It is on the decking directly over the indented area in the pool's wall in an in-ground pool. Also check the skimmer on a hot tub, especially if it is part of the pool. Commercial pools may have more than one skimmer assembly.

The first step is to turn off the pump motor. Lift out the skimmer basket and carefully clean it. You may have to wash it out with a hose. Small particles from flower petals, twigs and grass can be removed with a good washing.

You may need to temporarily use the skimmer plug on the intake line and wash out the assembly in the pool with high pressure from your garden hose nozzle. The pump may have a control switch or valve to release sucked-in air and pull in water after the skimmer is cleaned. The skimmer must be properly secured to prevent leaks.

Professional Service

The pressure from skimmer clogs could cause a weak line to rupture. Aquaman Leak Detection can locate and fix the skimmer assembly problem which is causing the leak. The intake or suction line will be cleaned and checked for the possible cause of pool pump leaking. Aquaman uses patented leak detection technology to locate leaks under the pool deck that can result from debris that can't get through the pipe.

Aquaman serves Brevard County and all of Florida, same-day service to find and fix leaks. Contact us if you suspect a leak in your pool pump.

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