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5 Pool Pump Replacement Facts

On Mar 4, 2019

5 Pool Pump Replacement Facts

Warmer weather is coming and this means pool season! Instead of enjoyable days in the pool, it’s disappointing when you spend more time at the pool repair store trying to fix your malfunctioning pool pump. Save your sanity and take care of replacing your pool pump before you open your pool. The pool parties with all your kid’s friends and their parents will be worth the effort! Here are five pool pump replacement facts from Aquaman Leak Detection when considering a replacement pump.

5 Pool Pump Replacement Facts


1. What is the average lifespan?

The average pool pump will last between eight to ten years, depending on a number of factors. The amount of use and number of people who swim in your pool plays a factor in how long your pool pump will last. You will need to replace a pump that is too small for your pool more often.

2. Are minor repairs are necessary?

There are numerous parts on a pool pump and smaller pieces. It’s common to replace a bearing or seal before needing to replace the entire pump. Check your pump routinely to prevent major repairs, such as replacing missing screws, adding new sealant, and repairing cracks.

3. Which type of pool pump is more energy efficient: a single speed or variable speed?

A single speed pool pump works the hardest and will wear out sooner than a double speed or variable speed pump. A variable speed pool pump is the most energy efficient since the motor doesn’t work at capacity the entire time it runs.

4. Does the pool pump size matter?

Yes! You will need to stick with the same size pool pump unless you plan on changing the size of your pool. Check with your manufacturer to see what they recommend as you consider your choices. Keep in mind that newer technology often includes features that are more efficient and can reduce utility expense associated with running your pool pump.

5. Do you have to turn off the power in order to replace the pool pump?

Yes! Remember, to turn off the power in order to prevent an electrical shock. You will need to disconnect the since the wiring to the old pump when you replace the pool pump. Always take safety precautions by turning off the power and calling a pool service technician to install the new pool pump.

Do you need to replace your pool pump in your residential or commercial pool before opening it for the summer? Contact Aquaman Leak Detection. Our licensed contractors will ensure that you have the correct size pump installed correctly the first time. In Brevard County, Florida contact 321-431-4784 to learn more.

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