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Replacing Your Pool Pump? Read this First

On Aug 27, 2018

Replacing Your Pool Pump Read this FirstThere are many variables to consider when debating whether or not you should replace your swimming pool pump. Perhaps your pool pump is leaking, or maybe you don't feel it is working as efficiently as it used to. Read on to learn about the signs pool pump replacement is needed.

Time To Replace Your Pool Pump?

The average lifespan of a pool pump is eight to ten years. If your pool pump is is within that range, or older, consider replacing your pool pump. However, the age of your pool pump is not the only determining factor in deciding if pool pump replacement is needed. Let's check the other signs you need to look at:

  • Efficiency
  • Frequency of use
  • Cost


As with all things technological, pool pumps are continually evolving and becoming more energy efficient. If you have an older pump that is single-speed, you may want to look at upgrading to a double-speed or a variable speed pump, which are both more energy efficient. If you need to learn more about the difference between pump styles, check out this informative article.

Frequency of use

Another factor to consider when debating the need to replace your pool pump is if the frequency of use has increased. Consider how many people and how often your pool was being used when you first got it compared to those numbers today. Perhaps your children are teens now, and your pool is the cool place to be. If so, that is great! However, your original pump may not be able to properly handle the increase in frequency. If you find your pump isn't able to keep up with the increased frequency of use, consider replacement.


Cost is always a weighing factor when determining if you need to replace your pump or repair it. If your pump is not working correctly or is leaking, evaluate whether repairing your pump is more cost-effective than investing in a new pump. If the repair is minor, like replacing the bearing or a seal, then repairing is the right decision. However, if you are dealing with a more significant repair, like a new motor, consider a replacement pump. Also your pool pump if you have already invested in repairs and it continues to not work properly.

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