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How to Know if Your Pool Pump is Leaking (and What to do About it)

On Nov 14, 2016

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Pool pump leaks are a major problem that can burn out the motor on the pump. A pool pump is made from several parts. The motor drives the water intake and return system.

Water is sucked into the filter system from the drain and the skimmer. The filter cleans out impurities and sends the water back into the pool. The water may also be heated and chlorinated before returning to the pool.

How the Motor Works

The process sounds simple but it is not so easy. A shaft-driven impeller in housing is powered by the motor as it pulls in the water from the drain and sends it to the filter system. This has to be an air-tight suction that keeps the water under pressure until it is returned to the pool. You can often feel and see the movement of the water when it is returned. This depends on the location of the return outlet.

Water may leak from a worn-out shaft seal that keeps the water away from the motor. Water on the floor of the pump area is an indication of this problem. The shaft seal and the impeller must be inspected for wear. Replacement is usually necessary when this occurs.

Water Level

A low water level caused by a leak may result in air in the pump basket. This will interfere with the pump motor and the filter. Check the flap or weir going into the system from the skimmer. If it is in the up position, air may be sucked into the lines. The drain should be checked for a leak at the fitting.

If you suspect this is a problem, turn off the pump and look for spray quickly backing out of the area near the skimmer where the air was coming in. If the pump is not working as well as it should, the filters and skimmer should be checked for excess debris. The pump basket should also be checked along with the impeller assembly to make sure nothing is clogged.

Pool pump leaks require immediate attention to save the pump and its parts. Contact Aquaman Leak Detection if you cannot locate the problem. We serve Brevard County and all of Florida.

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