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Why (and How) to Resurface Your Florida Pool and Deck

On Sep 24, 2018

Aquaman Leak Detection - Why and How to Resurface Your Florida Pool & Deck

Are you looking to update your swimming pool oasis? Or perhaps you have the misfortune of a slab leak and now need to repair your concrete deck. Whatever the reason for your needed update, we have the information you need to resurface your Florida swimming pool and deck.

Why (and How) to Resurface Your Florida Pool and Deck

Are you excited and can't wait to see the possibilities for resurfacing your Florida swimming pool and deck? Maybe you are on the opposite end of the spectrum and dread this project. Alas, there are many reasons why resurfacing is the best choice!

Why Resurface?

Aesthetically speaking, resurfacing your swimming pool and deck area completely changes the appearance and value of your backyard. What was once a dreary, old, and stained concrete slab becomes a luxurious paradise after resurfacing.

Another important reason to consider resurfacing is the overall well-being of your swimming pool and deck. While concrete is a reliable and common material used around your swimming pool, it is not immune to wear and tear. When you notice cracks in the concrete deck of your pool, you need to attend to them immediately. Cracks and the rough edges of them are not safe, plus they also have the potential for more harm.

When you have cracks in the concrete around your pool, water eventually leaks down into those cracks and after time lead to foundational issues with your pool. Repairing cracks and resurfacing your Florida swimming pool should be a part of your regular pool maintenance.

How to Resurface?

There are many different choices when it comes to resurfacing your Florida swimming pool and deck. If you are looking to do a major overhaul and upgrade your pool space, that may require the expertise of a professional -- but perhaps resurfacing seems easy enough and you prefer the DIY method. That's right; you can resurface yourself with a few tools and some materials. Check it out!

One important factor you need to make sure of before resurfacing is, ensure that you do not have any pool leaks. While you want to repair cracks to prevent further damage to your pool’s infrastructure, you also need to make sure that a pool leak is not the cause of the cracks in your concrete. After verifying you are leak free, you are ready to resurface!

Lastly, after you have finished your resurfacing project (Yay!) be sure to regularly check your surface to make sure it is in good condition. Maintenance is key to keeping your new and improved pool and deck in the best shape.

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