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Epoxy vs. Pool Putty: What’s the Difference?

On Feb 12, 2018

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You’ve spotted a swimming pool leak, and the water is quickly flowing onto your deck. Eventually, a professional contractor needs to come out and repair the leak, but your calendar is packed this week. The good news is that a temporary solution can help prevent your water bill from rapidly rising and still allow for your family to enjoy your pool until a professional repair is completed.

Pool putty and pool epoxy are sealants that will cover a crack or tear in your swimming pool in some situations. There are different types of sealants on the market, and some work better than others. Regardless of whether you use a pool putty or epoxy, neither will hold as long or look as nice as a professional-grade sealant.

We’ve compiled a list of different types of pool putty and epoxies and included the best ways to use them. It’s important to remember that each type of sealant works differently and that each brand includes a different set of specific steps for the preparation and application of the sealant.

Here’s our list of epoxy vs. pool putty sealants:

Rubber Based Sealant

Rubber sealants work on many surfaces. They work well on vinyl which makes this sealant a great choice when you don’t want to use a patch kit. Often after applying the rubber, you can shape it with your finger or a small tool to cover the entire crack or tear.

Rubber based sealants work well to:

  • Seal small cracks in gunite or plaster pools or spa tubs
  • Seal between a pool liner and the face plates or fittings
  • Use as thread sealant or seal small suction side plumbing leaks

Quick Set Pool Putty

Quick set pool putty is a one-time use product that includes resin and hardener together in a single tube. This helps ensure ratios of resin and hardener are correct, but it does not come in large quantities. This product is sometimes used for pool pump leaks. It is also useful for pool light leaks or to seal a loosened tile in or around the swimming pool area.

Two-Part Hand Moldable Epoxy

To use a two-part epoxy you will take resin from one tube and combine it with a hardener from the other tube. Mixing the parts will create an immediate chemical reaction, so it’s important to begin the mixing process just before you are ready to patch your leak.

Some places this epoxy is useful include:

  •  Pool skimmer cracks
  •  Pool pump leaks
  •  Fill cracks in most plaster, gunite, fiberglass or acrylic surfaces as well as plastics, metal, concrete, glass, wood and ceramic surfaces.

Epoxy Pool Paint

Epoxy pool paint works the same way as the moldable pool putty, but the texture is different. It is thinner and will lay over a crack instead of filling one. This material works best with specific temperature and humidity parameters. It’s important to read the directions carefully before applying epoxy pool paint. It also works layered on a crack that is first filled with pool putty.

Rubber Tape

Rubber tape is also hand moldable like pool putty. It fills underwater cracks with less mess than caulk guns or products that require mixing. Rubber tape stays flexible and tacky and works on most surfaces.

Use rubber tape to:

  • Pack around light cable to seal leaking light conduit (removable)
  • Replace rubber gaskets with or without out removing the fittings
  • Fill or seal cracks, gaps or voids

Patch Kit

A patch kit is generally used to repair a tear in a vinyl pool liner or swimming pool liner. Patches come in many sizes which you can cut down to cover all tears including odd shaped ones.

It’s important to remember that all patches are temporary solutions. Your pool chemicals will begin to break any putty or epoxy down shortly after it’s applied. Still, these products are a great option to stop a leak temporarily until you schedule a professional repair.

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