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How to Find the Best Pool Repair Service in Florida

On Nov 13, 2017

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Your pool in West Palm Beach or Indian River is leaking, and you don't know how to find and repair the leak. You’ve done your best to troubleshoot, but your pool water level continues to drop overnight. The leak may be on the wall of your pool or in the underground plumbing lines. Your water bill is going to be very high this month if you can’t get this leak repaired. You know you need a reliable pool repair service in Florida to fix the problem as soon as possible, but who do you call?

Aquaman Leak Detection is a pool repair service headquartered in Brevard County with fast response to calls for help throughout Florida. Our licensed and trained technicians will find and repair your leaks in one visit. Swimming pool leak detection often requires the use of our unique ultrasound equipment to locate a break in the plumbing lines.

Plumbing Leaks

The line that runs from the drain to the filter system also connects to the line from the skimmer assembly. A break or tear in the PVC piping can cause a small leak that will grow larger over time if left unrepaired. It will saturate the ground under the deck.

We can quickly pinpoint underground leaks with our ultrasound technology. The entire deck or yard area does not have to be removed to reach the leaking pipe. After we locate the section in the pipe that needs attention, we can assess whether a repair or replacement will be best. We will also repair the small broken area of the deck that gives access to the leak.

Pool Wall Leaks

An Aquaman technician will enter your pool and check the walls for cracks or tears, depending on the pool's material. We can also dive to the bottom of the pool and check the drain connected to the intake pipe. A loose drain is easy to repair. Our technicians will also inspect the underwater surface for cracks or loose tiles.

A red dye is used to find cracks in the walls of fiberglass, gunite or concrete pools. The crack or loose grouting sucks in the dye. A special epoxy is used to fill the crack without lowering the water level.

We can repair loose grouting quickly in the tile, but the work may involve letting some water out of the pool. We do not want to waste water which is why we try to avoid emptying the pool out completely.

Spa Tubs and Water Elements

Spa tubs can also have leaks that are difficult to locate. Free-standing tubs and inground spas may have a loose connection at the drain or intake line at the skimmer assembly. The jets may not work correctly if the line is taking in air. 

We fix a small pinhole or static leak in the surface wall of a spa tub with an epoxy that will last for years. This type of leak must be repaired immediately to avoid further problems.

Fountains and waterfalls that are part of the pool area may also have cracks that lead to leaks. These decorative fixtures also connect to the underground plumbing lines that circulate the water. The leaks will be located and repaired immediately by our pool repair service in Florida. 

With more than 15 years of swimming pool leak detection and repair experience, Aquaman is a leading pool repair service in Florida. Our fast response to requests to find and fix leaks and high quality work has made us a trusted name in pool leak detection and repair throughout Florida. We offer an extended warranty for all of our work. Please contact us with any pool or foundation problems that resulted from storm damage.

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We now proudly serve all of Florida. Each of our trained and certified pool leak detection specialists utilize the most advanced methods and technologies.

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