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If Your Pool Lost Water Overnight Check for Leaks

On Oct 16, 2017

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If your pool lost water overnight and it is more than the quarter-inch due to evaporation, you probably have a leak. Evaporation accounts for a minor amount of water lost each day. Losing a half-inch or more overnight indicates a problem.

A covered pool or spa tub will lose very little water from evaporation in a 24-hour period. Check the water level in your pool or spa tub before you cover it and turn off the pump system. You will know if the water level drops below normal.

The bucket test can be used to determine water loss over 24 hours. Expect to lose about a quarter-inch in the uncovered bucket. A more significant water loss in the pool will indicate a leak.

Recommended Water Levels

The skimmer basket assembly is one of the first places to check for a leak if the pool lost water overnight from the bucket test. The recommended water level for most inground pools is about two-thirds above the base of the skimmer. The level will fluctuate as the use of the pool changes. The water should settle to this level when the pump is off, and the water is still.

Water must be above the intake line or pipe that leads from the skimmer assembly to the filter and pump. This suction line will take in the air if there is not enough water in the line. Air can harm the filter and the pump motor.

Always check the water level at this fitting and add more water if it is low. This step is also essential for a spa tub. Water must cover the intake lines and the jets.

Drains and Return Lines

Always check the return line in a pool. The pump sends clean and occasionally heated water into the pool. You may have a break in the return line, and water is not coming into the pool. That will account for water loss while the pump is on. Air may be the only element pumped into the pool. This will also damage the pump system.

It may be difficult to check the drain since it is at the lowest part of the pool. The intake line from the drain into the filter system may be loose. Check the drain area carefully for excessive dirt at the bottom of the pool. Dirt indicates that the drain is not working correctly.

The drain return line meets the line coming in from the skimmer assembly. It may be loose at that connection which can be under the deck. Water on the deck near the area where the connections meet can indicate a leak in that area. 

Call Aquaman Leak Detection if your pool lost water overnight. We offer fast service to repair leaks, including loose fittings under your deck. Our state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment will locate a leak under a slab by identifying the section in need of repair without pulling apart the whole deck. We will also dive and check your drain system. You do not have to empty the pool.

Aquaman Leak Detection serves Brevard County and all of Florida with precise service.

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