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Help! My Spa Tub is Leaking! What Can I Do?

On Jan 16, 2017

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Spa tubs are enjoyed year-round and are especially pleasant in the cooler months. Don’t let a leaking spa tub stop your relaxation!

Spa tub leaking is not unusual, especially in older above-ground tubs. Leaks also occur in spa tubs set in the ground or part of a pool. A maintenance check periodically will alert you to possible leaks. There are several places to look for leaks to be fixed. Always check the ground around the spa for water that indicates a leak.

Several areas should be inspected:

  • Fixtures
  • Pump
  • Filter
  • Plumbing

Fortunately, you do not have to drain the tub or take it apart to seek out these problems.


Inspecting lights is the easy way to check for spa tub leaking. Take a long look at the light, especially if it is the halogen type. You may have a loose or cracked lens. In this case, the light should be replaced. Tighten all screws holding the light fixture in place.

Check all of the railings leading into the tub. Check the area around the railings for cracks in the fiberglass. Tighten loose railings in the tub.

Always check the drains at the bottom of the tub. You can usually feel the drain with your feet to determine if it is tight. Checking the drains is most important in a concrete or gunite tub that is part of a larger pool.

Filter, Pump and Plumbing

The pump and plumbing system in an above-ground spa tub is in the unit under the tub. Your filter may need a new o-ring or gasket, an easy fix. A completely new housing may be necessary for an older filter system that is worn. This applies to tubs connected to swimming pools as well.

Check the three-part spa union connected to the spa pump in an above ground tub. These are the intake and return lines to the jets with a connector that keeps the lines tight. Make sure the locknuts on the seal are tight. A deteriorated gasket may need replacing.

The impeller, diffuser and shaft seal or volute housing should also be inspected. These parts can wear out and even freeze during Florida's rare cold weather.

The PVC plumbing lines in the above-ground spa tub rarely need replacing. Plumbing in the ground may crack and need immediate repairs to prevent the deck from flooding. A spa tub that is in-ground or part of a swimming pool probably connects to the same plumbing system that is in a pump room.

Spa tubs usually do not have to be drained to check for and repair leaks. Although the tub holds much less water than a pool, draining the unit can still cause flooding. It is important to repair a spa tub quickly to prevent further water loss.

Professional Repairs

It is not fun digging through the foam that insulates the tub in the above-ground spas. This is a job for a professional repair service. Aquaman Leak Detection can find spa tub leaks easily in stand alone hot tubs and in-ground spas.

Aquaman Leak Detection serves Brevard County and all of Florida, with immediate service for leaks in swimming pools, spa tubs, and decorative water elements. Contact us for fast, reliable service.

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