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How to Tell if Your Inground Pool Light is Leaking

On Aug 28, 2017

Inground Pool Light Leaking.jpgIf you are having trouble keeping your inground pool water level at an ideal level, you need to check for a leak. You will know your pool light is leaking if the pool water has dropped to the level around the top of the light. The water level may be below the skimmer bottom or the return line, but if it stopped leaking when it reached the light that is a red flag.

Inground swimming pool lights are the first line of safety in illuminating the pool. The pool light conduits carry the electrical cord from the lights to the junction box. The PVC conduits run under the deck from each light if you have more than one light in the water.

The conduit pipe is not sealed to the light fixture mounting or niche. The can or container holding the light is usually sealed tight with a waterproof gasket. It can slide in and out of the niche created to hold it in many pools. Water can get into the hole that carries the conduit. This is often a slow leak. 

Most frames holding the light can and lens cover are attached with screws that can be easily removed if it is necessary to change the light bulb. The frame must be attached to the pool wall very tightly to prevent leaks. LED lights are highly recommended since they last much longer and burn cooler than conventional incandescent lights, including the type designed for underwater use.

LED lighting is more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs because they can last up to 10 times longer. LED bulbs are also much brighter than standard halogen or fluorescent lamps without mercury. This means there's no need to worry about disposing of old bulbs in landfills.

Check the Light

Run the pool on the main drain only to determine if the pool light is leaking. Plug the skimmer and turn off the motor. You will also need to close the pool for a day. If the water stops leaking below the top of the light, you should check the fixture. Check all lights if you have more than one in the pool. 

Check the fitting around any light located at the bottom of the pool. You don’t need to wait for the pool water to drop all the way to check for this leak. A broken lens cap or light is usually not the cause of a leak. If you notice water in the light fixture, replace it immediately.

You can remove the light fitting to change the bulb or check it as long as all of the power is off. If you suspect a leak at the fitting, tighten the screws holding the light in place. If that does not work, you should call in a professional leak repair service.


Aquaman Leak Detection will use a patented ultrasound system to locate any broken pipes under the pool deck. This includes a crack in the PVC tube carrying the electrical lines from the light to the junction box. The area around the light fitting will also be checked for tears and cracks. Red dye can be used to determine if the pool light is leaking at the wall niche.

Aquaman Leak Detection serves Brevard County and all of Florida often with same-day service to repair leaks. Give us a call if you suspect a leak anywhere in your pool, including a light.

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