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5 Reasons You Should Fix a Slab Leak Immediately

On Jan 2, 2017

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Slab leaks occur under the foundation where the water pipes carry water to and from the home. Shifting soil can lead to the movement of these pipes. If the pipes have cracks or holes in them, it can lead to costly issues. Sometimes it’s a water leak that causes the soil to shift, causing further damage to the pipes. A slab leak is a major problem, especially in Florida where a high underground water table is normal.

5 Reasons You Should Fix a Slab Leak 

  1. Deterioration of the ground under your home
  2. Deterioration of the concrete slab foundation
  3. Cracks in walls and floors 
  4. Mildew, mold and other pathogens
  5. The entire house may shift and settle

Deterioration and Pathogens from Slab Leaks

A water leak can cause erosion in the ground under your home, especially if it seeps into the water table. This is the start of a chain reaction that can include deterioration of the concrete slab that is the foundation of the structure. Your flooring will be the first area that is ruined. Floors will settle and slant on all levels of your home.

If the slab foundation breaks or cracks, it can cause problems with walls, doors, windows and even the roof. Your windows and doors will not close properly. This will affect effect upper floors and possibly the pitch of the roof. You can lose your home if the leak is allowed to spread and slowly but surely, eat away at your foundation.

Mildew and mold thrive in a warm, moist environment. They do not need sunlight to grow and take over your home. Slime mold is as bad as its name suggests. A black or brown slime can start on your lowest floor and work its way up the walls as long as it has moisture. A flooded basement gives mold a good place to start. 

Signs of a Slab Leak

The problem is that you may not notice the change in your foundation immediately. Your water bill may be going up but you think your usage has not increased.

A crack or break in the cement floor of the garage may be your first indication of a slab leak. Many homeowners may not be aware of a leak until they spot moldy baseboards. Mildew in the basement or under sinks is an indication of a possible water main or sewer line leak.

Your hot water heater line may be cracked or broken. You may not have enough water pressure when you turn on any tap. You may also experience an unusual and unpleasant odor if the sewer line is broken. Learn more about the signs of a slab leak here.

How to Fix a Slab Leak

A professional service is needed to fix a slab leak. Finding the leak is the first priority if you cannot locate it. Aquaman Leak Detection uses the patented ultrasonic leak detector to find underground plumbing leaks within an inch of a broken line. Many leaks can be located and repaired in the same day. It is not necessary to tear up the foundation looking for the leaking pipe.

This is the same technology Aquaman uses to find underground leaks around swimming pools. Contact us for immediate diagnosis and repairs if you suspect a leak in your slab foundation. You cannot afford to wait until it grows larger.

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