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5 Signs Your Slab or Foundation May Be Leaking

On Aug 22, 2016


A leak in a concrete slab or foundation can cause major damage to your home. The humid Florida climate and high water table can work with a pipe leak to speed up foundation erosion. Cracks in your foundation are not always easy to repair. The sooner a foundation leak detection service locates the leak, the faster it can be repaired.

Warning Signs Of A Slab Or Foundation Water Leak

1. Cracks in the garage concrete floor might indicate an underground water line leak. Water leaking into the floor causing a discoloration of the cement is an indication of water seepage.

A broken pipe under the house or the garage can cause erosion that can lead to the garage or other part of the house "settling" to a lower level. This can cause a sloping floor.

2. Check your carpet and hard surface floor coverings for dampness. This is another sign of an underground plumbing leak beneath the foundation. Grouting in tile and stone floors will crumble as an under floor leak spreads.

3. Mildew, mold and even green algae growth around baseboards and the lower part of walls on your ground floor is another sign of leakage from an underground pipe. Check the bathroom and kitchen floors frequently for leaks in the exposed pipes. If you find mold or algae on the floors in those rooms, you could have an underground plumbing leak if the exposed pipes are secure.

4. If your floor suddenly seems warm and damp, you may have a hot water leak. Check your hot water heater first. If it is not leaking, you may have an underground pipe leak. Hot water encourages the quick growth of mold and mildew.

5. If you notice a drop in water pressure when you turn on the tap, it is a sign to check for an underground plumbing problem. Check all of your exposed piping first and then call a foundation leak detection service.

Foundation leak detection is a job for professionals trained with the proper equipment to pinpoint a leak. Aquaman Leak Detection uses the same patented equipment that pinpoints swimming pool decking leaks to find foundation leaks.

This hi-tech ultrasound equipment will find the leak that is causing the problem under the foundation before it spreads. The entire slab does not have to be torn up to fix the leak. It can usually be located and repaired on the same day.

Aquaman Leak Detection is headquartered in Brevard County FL and serves the entire state. We are experienced in finding and repairing swimming pool leaks that can also damage a home's foundation if they are not repaired.

Contact Aquaman for more information and quick service for foundation leak detection.

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