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You Need To Take Pool Leakage Seriously

On Apr 22, 2019

You Need To Take Pool Leakage Seriously

The lazy days of summer may come to a crashing - or rather - flooding end if you let your pool leakage go undetected. Parties, teaching your kids how to swim, and enjoying countless days in the refreshing water are part of a pool owner’s dreams -- but so should maintaining the pool. Checking the water level, balancing the chemicals. It’s all part of owning a pool, regardless of whether your pool salesman outlined the responsibilities. 

A leaking pool can mean having to shut down for costly repairs that were not part of the pool float budget. Aquaman Leak Detection has helped many pool owners in Brevard County, FL prevent major repairs. Here’s what can happen if you don’t take pool leakage seriously.

Pool Leakage Can Lead to a Floating Pool

What is a floating pool? A pool with water surrounding the foundation and even underneath it. A slow and steady leak can lead to the foundation deteriorating and even shifting, especially with a concrete foundation. This is not only unsafe but can lead to chlorine contaminated groundwater, which damages your landscaping.

Pool Leakage Can Lead to a High Utility Bill

Many pool owners realize there is a problem when they see their water bill. It’s easy to forget how often you have filled the pool unless you keep a chart. Don’t wait until you have lost thousands of gallons of water at the end of the season. This money could be used to prevent leaks, instead of having to cover the cost of major pool repairs.

Pool Leakage Can Lead to Costly Repairs

Many parts ensure your pool functions properly. Letting leaks go undetected can mean the water pump or skimmer haven’t been working properly. Problems due to gradual wear and tear can be hard to detect. Keeping track of the water level and routinely inspecting the components of your pool will prevent undetected issues.

How to Avoid a Leaking Pool

Pool leaks are normal to experience as your pool ages. Hiring a professional pool repair company each year to inspect your pool can prevent leaks. Routinely checking for holes in your pool liner or cracks in the cement or fiberglass will increase the life of your pool.

Testing the chemicals in your pool throughout the season ensures it’s properly balanced. Perform the bucket test if you suspect your pool is leaking. You may want to consider replacing an older pool if you are purchasing an older home.

Aquaman Leak Detection understands the importance of catching pool leaks before they become pool disasters. Our licensed pool contractors are often able to identify and repair pool leaks in one visit. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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