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3 Benefits of Getting Your Swimming Pool Repaired Properly

On May 25, 2016

Swimming Pool Leak DetectionSwimming pools and spa tubs are wonderful additions to Florida homes, condominiums and apartment communities. They must be maintained to keep up the value of your investment. Water levels should be consistent, with the right chemicals added for clean water. The pump system must work, and the pool should be free from leaks.

A swimming pool repair is a job for professionals when you suspect a leak or a problem with the pump system. There are several reasons for using a professional repair service for hot tubs, fountains and other water elements, especially when the tub or fountain is part of your pool design.

#1. Finding the leak

You may be able to find the leak after a bucket test confirms that you are losing water in your pool or spa. If you cannot find the problem yourself, it is time to call a professional service with diving equipment and modern leak detection systems.

Aquaman Leak Detection uses its own patented technology to locate underground leaks in the decking. This type of leak can come from a crack in a PVC pipe or corrosion in a metal pipe. Old copper pipes occasionally give up as well. This hi-tech leak detection system avoids the necessity of tearing up decking to find the mysterious leak.

The same hi-tech equipment is used to locate leaks under foundations and slabs. Foundation leaks can cause major problems under a home and around a pool or in-ground spa.

Pool and spa leaks can occur in the intake or return lines. Many times, the leaks are easy to plug using modern swimming pool repair equipment. The leak may be a crack or fissure on the surface of the pool. You may be able to repair a vinyl lined pool yourself, but fiberglass and gunite pools need professional repairs using the right materials.

Your pump system must also be carefully inspected and repaired to continue working properly. You should allow a mechanic familiar with the pump unit to install and repair seals and change impellers.

#2. Guarantees

A major repair service, including Aquaman Leak Detection, will guarantee and warranty repairs. Aquaman technicians will make certain all leaks are plugged and that you will not have any more problems with that area.

Aquaman will inspect your entire system and give you a free and honest appraisal of the repair cost. Our technicians will explain the swimming pool repair process and make recommendations to extend the life of your pool, hot tub and other water elements.

#3. Enjoyment

Knowing that your pool and hot tub have been professionally repaired will give you the peace-of-mind to enjoy your summer. Proper maintenance is essential for keeping the pool in good condition. This includes checking fixtures to make sure they are always completely attached. Continue to inspect tile grouting in pools, spas and decorative fountains.

Having your swimming pool leak repaired by a  professional is a must to ensure you get what you pay for. If you suspect your swimming pool has a leak, contact us here and one of our technicians will come take a look. We serve all of Florida.

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