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3 Reasons to Have a Heated Swimming Pool in Florida

On Oct 4, 2018

Aquaman Leak Detection - 3 Reasons to Have a Heated Swimming Pool in Florida

It's October and Fall is officially in the air. Swimming pools around the country are now donning their winter coats; however, that does not need to be the case if you live in Florida! Florida is the exception to the rule. Your pool might not stay at desirable temperatures naturally all year, so having a heated swimming pool makes pool ownership worth it. Let's look at a few reasons why you should consider a heated swimming pool!

Real Reasons to Have a Heated Swimming Pool in FL

Florida is the snowbird capital for one reason - the temperature. People flock to Florida in the Fall and Winter months to enjoy the sun and warm weather - and to escape frigid temperatures and snow. Because of its ideal temperatures, you might not initially think of needing a heater for your Florida swimming pool; however, you do. Here's why:

Set it and Forget it!

When you have a heated swimming pool, you never need to question if the water is warm enough. Whether it is a chilly day in January or a breezy evening in September, your pool temperature is regulated! You set your pool heater to your desired temperature (typically 78° - 82°) and then bask in the comfort of knowing that your pool water is never freezing, no matter what the air temperature is. Additionally, most pool heaters also have a cooling function that help cool your pool water if it becomes too hot during peak Summer temperatures.

Always Open

Keeping your Florida swimming pool open year-round is another benefit of having a heated swimming pool. Gone are the days of having to winterize your pool! Winterizing a pool is no small task, and now that you are heating your pool, that is one less thing you need to worry about. Also, gone is the cost of getting your pool back in shape after months of winterization. Save yourself both time and money keeping it open year-round!

Stay Active

Swimming is a great total body workout. Not only is it aerobic and body-strengthening, swimming in warm water is soothing to achy muscles and joints. Having a heated swimming pool is a great way to stay physically active and keep that blood circulating all year round. No more excuses for being a couch potato because your pool is closed!

How to Prepare Your Florida Pool for Winter


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