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Overheating? Here's How to Cool Down Your Swimming Pool Water

On Jul 2, 2018

Overheating Here's How to Cool Down Your Swimming Pool Water

The sun is out, the sweat beads are forming, and you are ready to cool off with a dip in your swimming pool. Ahh... the cool water is going to be so refreshing. Unfortunately, the water is not so cool and feels more lukewarm almost bordering on hot. No need to worry, we have compiled a list of strategies to quickly get your pool water back to a comfortable temperature.

Here's How to Cool Down Your Swimming Pool Water

There are a few different issues that can cause your swimming pool water to lose its cool. Let's take a look at what the most common overheating issues are and how you can get your water back to its ideal temperature.

Pool Heater

A malfunctioning pool heater is a common reason swimming pool water is too hot so it’s important to make sure this pool part is in good working condition. Always make sure that your pool heater is working properly by first checking your owner's manual to ensure all the parts are correctly assembled. Similar to a thermostat in your home a pool heater thermometer sensors can malfunction occasionally. Use a pool safe thermometer to compare the water temperature to what the heater says your water temperature reading is to see if they are the same. If your water is much warmer than the heater indicates, this is a sign you have a malfunction.

Also, make sure you check the filter to confirm it is free from debris.  If you are frequently dealing with hot pool water, and you do need to replace your pool heater, you may want to invest in a heater with a chiller. Heaters that have a chiller function will cool your swimming pool water.  

Pool Cover

If you are experiencing a heat wave and the temperature has risen above average you will want to remove your pool cover. Pool covers will hold in the heat, so leave the pool cover off. Allowing the hot swimming pool water to come in direct contact with the cooler air in the evening will help cool the pool water.


Aerating the water is another effective way to cool down your swimming pool water. The process of aerating the pool involves adding oxygen to the water, therefore, cooling the water off. There are many different ways in which you can aerate your pool water. An aesthetically pleasing way to accomplish aeration is by adding a fountain or waterfall to your pool. Either feature will help keep your water cooler. If you are a resourceful DIY'er, you can peruse Pinterest to find how you can create your own pool aerator or head to your local pool store to explore your options.

If you suspect you have a broken pool heater or a pool leak contact Aquaman Leak Detection. Our licensed contractors service all of Florida working on both residential and commercial pools and spa tubs. Give a call to schedule your appointment today.

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