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How To Choose The Best Pool Cover To Reduce Maintenance

On May 15, 2017

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A pool cover will protect your pool from debris, limit evaporation and hold in heat. There are several types of pool covers available for outdoor and indoor pools. Spa tubs also use covers to hold in the heat and keep the water clean.

Evaporation is controlled up to 98% with a pool cover. The chemicals do not need to be added as frequently since the chlorine does not evaporate.

A good pool cover will keep out leaves, twigs, dirt and other debris when the pool is not used. This limits the need to brush and vacuum the pool. The pool skimmer and filter stay clean and free of debris.

There are several types of pool covers designed for different sizes and shapes of pools. A cover should fit tightly on all sides to hold in heat and keep it clean.

Different covers 

The various types of covers include:

  • Solar
  • Automatic
  • Thermal
  • Loose covers

Solar Covers

Solar covers or bubble blankets can be cut to fit the shape of the pool. They are made from a lightweight material, similar to bubble wrap. The covers absorb the heat from the sun during the day and hold it in at night. The pool's temperature can increase up to eight degrees on a sunny day.

The transparent bubbles are face down in the pool. The cover can cut down heating costs up to 75% if it fits snugly to the sides of the pool. A solar cover is lightweight, but it should have a roller to remove it and prevent tearing. Since it is a light material, it will not hold the weight of a child.

Automatic Pool Cover

These can be removed and replaced with the push of a button. They will support the weight of an adult. This is an added safety feature. The pool cover is made of interlocking slats that roll up on a reel. This reel can be locked to keep the cover in place when the pool is not used.

The automated cover is held in place with snaps on the sides of the pool or a special track. Professional installation is required.

Thermal Pool Cover

The thermal pool cover is opaque and does not absorb sunlight. It is used at night to hold in the heat. Most thermal covers are 5mm thick blankets with a poly foam core. They attach to the sides of the pool on a roller device. The best covers resist UV rays. They can be custom-made for different pool shapes.

This type of cover is standard with stand-alone spa tubs. It is usually attached to the frame with hinges and covered with the same material.

Loose Pool Covers

Loose pool covers are usually laid over the pool without a frame or roller. They offer some protection from evaporation but will not support a child or animal.

Indoor pools

Keeping a pool and spa tub covered indoors saves energy and prevents evaporation.  Water will evaporate without a cover, and it may condense on walls and windows if the air temperature is cooler than the water.

Indoor pools generally use the same types of covers as outdoor pools. Leaves, twigs, and dirt are not a problem for indoor pools unless the area has extensive potted plants. Loose covers that hold in heat and limit evaporation are common indoors. Above ground spas in an atrium or enclosure use thermal covers.

Pool covers are a great way to save money and help keep your pool clean. A low water level in a covered pool is an indication of a leak. Contact Aquaman Leak Detection if you suspect a pool leak. We will find and repair it quickly.  Aquaman serves Brevard County Florida and neighboring counties with quick service to keep your pool in the best condition.

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