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Avoid These 5 Pool Water Conservation Mistakes

On Aug 7, 2017

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Pool water conservation continues to be important even during the rainy season in Florida. At Aquaman Leak Detection, we have stressed the importance of using a pool cover to limit evaporation. We also stress the importance of checking for leaks at all times.

Here are a few facts about pool water conservation that are often overlooked:


Leaving Your Pool Uncovered at Night Does Not Prevent Evaporation

Conserve water by keeping the pool or spa tub covered at night if you are not using it. Water evaporates at night, especially in warm weather. 

You may take a pleasant evening or late night swim. You will still want to take the time to roll the cover back over the water when you have finished. Many covers have an automatic system that makes it easy to replace the cover.

Don't Drain Your Pool

Draining the pool to clean it or find a leak or fix a surface crack is a waste of water. Many concrete and gunite pool walls can be repaired under water. Vinyl pools can also be patched without draining.

Cleaning the pool is easy without draining. There are many types of pool cleaning systems available that brush, vacuum and suck out dirt without draining the water.

Rain may add water to the pool. The extra water can be removed from a covered pool by bailing or brushing the excess water from the cover. The cover must be removed carefully. You can also allow excess water to evaporate.

Splashing Will Waste Water

Kids and adults have fun in the pool. Try as tactfully as possible to remind people that your pool is not a water park and that you must control splashing. Inform people in the pool that you must protect the decking from excessive water for safety purposes.

Pool parties are fun for everyone, but sobriety is important around water. Limit alcoholic beverage intake if people are swimming. Also, don't overload your pool or spa tub with guests. Pool water conservation includes preventing overflow from too many people in the water at one time. Pools and spa tubs have a recommended capacity level.

Dogs like to play in the water. Retrievers can spend hours playing fetch. This causes unnecessary splashing. They will also shed hair in the pool that can clog your filter system. Limit or avoid dog play in the water. 

Turn Off the Heater During the Summer

The heater is part of the pool motor and pump system, but it can be turned on and off. You probably don't need the water temperature in the mid-80's if you want to cool off on a hot summer day.

The cooler water will not evaporate as fast as warm water. This saves energy and conserves pool water. Cooler water makes it easier to control the pH chemical balance for clean water with less evaporation.

More Chlorine Won't Always Fix a Cloudy Pool

A dirty or cloudy pool is a possible indication of a leak. Dirt may be seeping into the pool and clouding the water. Chlorine and other chemicals that leak might turn the water a green color, suggesting algae growth. Shocking the pool with more chlorine is not the answer if you have a leak. It must be repaired in order to fix the problem.

Contact us at Aquaman Leak Detection if you suspect a leak. Repairs are a major part of pool water conservation. Aquaman serves Brevard County and all of Florida with fast leak detection and repair services.

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