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How a Pool Cover Can Help You Save Water

On Jan 23, 2017

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A pool cover saves water while protecting your pool.  Pool and spa tub covers save water by holding in heat and controlling evaporation up to 98%. Covered pools also need chemicals added less frequently. You save on your water, heating, and chemical costs. An added benefit of using a pool cover is that it is easier to tell if your pool is leaking if it’s covered. Since water loss will unlikely be due to evaporation, a reduced water level may be caused by a leak.

A swimming pool and spa tub can lose up to a quarter inch of water over a 24-hour period. A covered pool loses much less water through evaporation, based on how frequently it is used. Water that may condense under the cover stays in the pool.

Indoor pools also need covers to control evaporation and lower the energy needed for air circulation through fans and HVAC systems. Indoor and outdoor spa tubs usually have covers to hold in the heat and prevent evaporation. The bubble jets in hot tubs contribute to rapid evaporation. Jets should be turned off and hot tubs covered when not in use.

Water Conservation

Pool water conservation is a concern for environmentally conscious pool owners. Controlling evaporation is very important in the arid southwest, as well as in Florida and other states in the humid southeast. A tight pool cover will collect rain that can be used for gray water when it rains in an arid area such as Southern California or Arizona. Even a small amount of recovered water can be saved in containers and used to water plants when dry weather returns.

Water is a precious commodity in heavily populated areas where utility companies ask people to monitor every drop they use. Pool water evaporates quickly in dry climates. Responsible pool owners use covers to greatly reduce evaporation.

Across the country, residents of Florida and the Carolinas were drying out after Hurricane Matthew saturated the area last fall. Homeowners found that covered pools did not collect as much dirt, leaves and tree limbs. The covers protected the pools and made it easier to clean up the mess once the rain stopped. Cleaner pools reduce the likelihood of a skimmer clog which can lead to pool pump leaks. Strong covers also prevented the winds from blowing water out of the pool, keeping pool cover owners from adding to the flooding problem.

Types of Pool Covers

Solar swimming pool covers protect the pool and prevent evaporation while heating the pool with sunlight. Automatic pool covers will control evaporation and help to hold in heat. The automatic and semi-automatic styles are reeled in with a small electric motor when the pool is in use.

Security covers are strong enough to hold collected water. This type of cover can also hold the stray animal or child who steps on it. A good UV-stabilized cover will fit completely over the top of the pool and not allow rain water or dirt to seep in. 

Solar blankets that resemble bubble wrap can cover a pool and help it absorb the sun's rays. The bubble side is placed facing up with the smooth part facing the pool’s surface. The material also prevents most of the heat from escaping during the night. The covers are lightweight and easy to put on and take off without power rollers. They float on the pool surface, but they will not protect anyone who steps on them.

The type of pool cover you use will depend on the size and shape of the pool. If you notice the water level going down even with a cover, it is time to check for leaks.

Aquaman Leak Detection will find leaks in pools, spa tubs, and water elements. They can be repaired immediately to prevent further water loss. Repairing leaks will extend the life of your pool and spa tub while conserving water.

Contact us to schedule an appointment if you suspect that your pool is leaking. Aquaman serves all of Florida with a patented leak detection system that accurately finds leaks without damaging your property.

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