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9 Ways to Reduce Swimming Pool Water Waste

On Jun 11, 2018

9 Ways to Reduce Swimming Pool Water Waste

Long-lasting droughts are becoming more common, so it's important to know how to conserve water, especially the water in your swimming pool. Here are some easy steps to follow to reduce swimming pool water waste and allow you to enjoy your pool even if you're under water restrictions. Another benefit of reducing water waste is that you will lower your water bills too!

Here are 9 Ways to Reduce Swimming Pool Water Waste

Use a Pool Cover

When you aren't using your pool, always cover it with a swimming pool cover. Uncovered pools will lose about 2 inches of water per week, that's about 10,000 to 20,000 gallons a year. Though it may seem like a hassle, your swimming pool cover is the best tool to prevent water evaporation.

A pool cover protects your pool from algae buildup, contaminants, leaves, and other debris, which reduces the need for cleaning. Plus it helps preserve heat, which reduces energy costs for heated pools.

Check for Leaks

A bucket test is the easiest way to quickly confirm your pool leaks, even if you can’t visually identify where the leak started. Make sure to turn off the pool's pump for an accurate test. If the pool water is lower than the bucket water, your pool probably leaks.

To check your pool for leaks, know the signs:

  •  Loose tiles on the pool's perimeter
  •  Cracks in the pool deck
  •  Unexplained damp areas around the pool
  •  Cracks or gaps in the bond beam
  •  Water pooling in the above ground filter
  •  Water quality issues (like algae) despite constant water treatments
  •  Higher water bills than normal

Use Less Water in Your Pool

Many people fill their pools too high. The optimal level of your water is the midpoint of the skimmer which allows the skimmer to purify the water. Splashing is impossible to prevent entirely, but you will help keep more water in the pool when you don’t fill the water above the skimmer midpoint.

Lower the Temperature on Heated Pools

Hot water evaporates quicker than cold water. The Florida sun will warm your pool without much effort, so whenever possible turn the pool heater off to help lower the temperature of your pool and reduce the rate of evaporation. This is also where a pool cover comes in handy. If you keep your pool covered, it keeps the heat in and reduces both the water evaporation rate and your energy bills.

Backwash Pool Filters Less Frequently

Lengthen the time between chemical treatments by staying on top of chemical balance including backwashing.  Additionally, consider a few extra manual cleaning sessions during the week to help keep the pool clear of debris and contaminants in between backwashing.

Add Chlorine or Sanitizer at Night

As with the water levels, the hot sun causes chlorine and other sanitizers to evaporate rapidly. Wait until evening to add sanitizer to your water and if your sanitizer is added automatically when the pump runs, simply schedule the pump to run at night.

Use Plants to Cut Down on Wind

Plant bushes and other dense plants next to the pool to reduce the amount of wind that hits the pool. This will help cut down on water evaporation and, as a bonus, can act as a privacy screen.

Don't Drain Your Pool Unless It's Necessary

In Florida, we are lucky enough to have mild winters. There is little danger of pool water freezing and cracking pipes, so you don’t need to empty your pool each winter. You can also avoid draining your pool by hiring the right leak detection and repair company. Before hiring a contractor, ask how they will repair your leak. Aquaman service people can repair leaks at the bottom of the pool by diving.

Turn Off Fountains or Waterfalls

As the water moves through fountains and waterfalls, it's no longer part of a larger body of water—it's aerated—which makes it more vulnerable to evaporation. To slow down the evaporation of the water, turn off the waterfalls and fountains unless they are necessary.

While you can take care of many water conservation actions yourself, some water waste needs more attention than pool maintenance. If you do think your pool is leaking, contact Aquaman Leak Detection. Our professional contractors serving all of Florida are often able to find and repair leaks in one visit.

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