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Top Tips for Conserving Pool Water

On May 8, 2017

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Pool water conservation is necessary even in the humid climate of Florida. Conservation of this resource takes on a different aspect in an area that can receive too much water at times. Most of Florida has a high-water table, and the ground can become saturated.

Dirt and sand saturation can cause problems with all types of in-ground swimming pools and spas. Fiberglass pools must be filled to capacity to prevent the pool's sides from buckling inward from the pressure of wet ground. Concrete and gunite pools can crack if the supporting ground is too wet and the dirt shifts.

Here are a few tips for conserving pool water:


People like to play in the pool. Kids like to jump and dive. This creates splash water on the decks and ground while it lowers the water level in the pool.

Keep diving boards and water slides as much to the center of the pool as possible. Splash water will fall back into the pool. Ask people, especially youngsters, not to splash water. This also protects your decks from puddles.

Pool water conservation includes filling your pool to the recommended level. Do not overfill it to compensate for splashing.

If you notice the pool level dropping and water on the deck without splashes, you may have a leak in your pool's plumbing lines. 


A good cover over your swimming pool and spa tub are necessary for pool water conversation. Water evaporates even in humid weather. The longer, hotter days of summer lead to more evaporation.

The evaporation level for an uncovered pool is about one-quarter-inch each day. A covered pool prevents evaporation when the pool is not in use. It also keeps the pool cleaner.

Most stand-alone spa tubs are in a frame with a cover to hold in the heat. A swimming pool cover will also help to hold in heat and conserve energy.

Check for leaks if your pool is losing water even when it is covered and the pump is off. This could be the indication of a break in the plumbing pipes or the drain that could lead to saturated ground conditions.


Clean your filter system, including the skimmer basket. This will limit the amount of backwashing needed to clear the filter. The skimmer basket is easy to remove and clean when the pump is off.

Skim the surface of the pool with a net if you see petals, leaves, and twigs floating around. This keeps them out of the skimmer basket and filter.


Your recommended pool and spa tub water levels take displacement into consideration with maximum occupancy. Your water level must be above the return lines to the pool and to the jets in the spa tub. The water level should also be about one-third of the distance below the top of the skimmer.

Your pool manufacturer will provide information on the maximum number of people who should be in the pool and spa at one time. This eliminates excessive water loss.

Do not overfill your spa tub with bodies. A spa tub designed for six people maximum will waste water with overflow when the seventh person is added.

Pool water conservation starts with a clean pool, free of leaks that waste water. Contact Aquaman Leak Detection if you suspect a pool leak. We will find it quickly and make recommendations for repairs.  Aquaman serves Brevard County Florida and neighboring counties with quick service to keep your pool in the best condition.

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