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5 Factors in the Cost of a Pool Leak

On Sep 26, 2016


The cost of a pool leak is based on several factors and each pool repair service has its own price for repairs. Ignoring a leak can be very expensive when your pool eventually loses so much water that you cannot use it. Resurfacing or replacing a swimming pool is costly.

Aquaman Leak Detection offers same day service with an estimate to fix and repair leaks. The repair cost is dependent upon:

  • Size of the leak
  • Location of the leak
  • Type of pool materials
  • Underground plumbing
  • Pump and motor system

Pool Surface Materials

Vinyl pools in-ground or above in a frame are likely to tear. Most vinyl pools come with a repair kit and professional services can repair the tears immediately. The cost is low unless the pool has become unusable because of the leak.

Fiberglass in-ground or above-ground pools rarely have surface leaks. The material is strong with the steps part of the molded unit. The only attached areas are the railings and accessories. Leaks are usually easy to find and they may involve loose fittings that can be tightened.

Cement and gunite pools are in-ground and they may have leaks around the skimmers. Fiberglass pools can experience the same problem if the skimmer is not fitted to the surface. Many repairs to gunite pools can be made underwater with special epoxy systems. The surface leak can be located using a red dye.

Leak Locations

The cost of a pool leak repair will depend on the location of the leaks. Underground plumbing leaks may involve cracks in the suction or return PVC lines leading to the pool from the pump and filter system.

Aquaman uses patented technology to find the leak through an ultrasonic system. It is not necessary to tear up the decking and the repairs can often be made in a day. This is a more involved procedure and you will have an estimate of the cost before the work is started.

Tightening railings, skimmers, drains and other parts of the pool may be something you can do. A professional pool repair diver can descend to the bottom of the pool to repair a loose drain or fitting below the water line. The pool does not have to be emptied.

Pump And Motor

Aquaman has technicians who can repair and replace parts to a pool motor. We check impellers and other parts of the pump and filter system. A new filter may be necessary. The cost will depend on parts and the amount of work involved.

The best way to control the cost of a pool leak is to check for leaks through the bucket test when you suspect that you are losing water. Call us immediately for assistance in finding the leak if you cannot locate it. We work fast to detect and fix the problem, saving you money.

At Aquaman Leak Detection, we guarantee our work. Our Corporate Headquarters is located in  Brevard County FL and we service all of Florida. 

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