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5 Money-Saving Pool Water Conservation Hacks

On Nov 7, 2016

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Pool water conservation is important for reducing energy costs and saving a natural resource. The recent heavy rains may have flooded some pools along the Florida coast, but that water will run off or evaporate leaving your pool at the right water level.

Here are a few ways to conserve water so that you do not have to refill your pool and have your pump and filtration system working overtime.

1. Cover your pool and hot tub spa.

Many above-ground pools and spa tubs come with covers that limit evaporation by 30% to 50%. The covers also hold in the preferred water temperature in hot tub spas and heated pools. Covers help maintain the pH balance and chlorine levels, saving on chemicals.

In-ground pools and spa tubs can also be covered to limit evaporation and hold in heat. These covers proved effective in keeping pools cleaner during the recent storms. They also kept pools from overfilling in heavy rains.

As an added benefit, many pool covers come with solar panels that heat the pool and power the pump system, reducing energy costs.

2. Check for leaks frequently.

A simple bucket test will confirm a water loss that is more than just evaporation. Leaks should be found and immediately repaired to save water and the life of your pool.

Check fittings, drains and intake lines if your pool is losing water. Examine the filtration system and pump. The fix may be easy, depending on the leak.

3. Control splashing.

Ask people not to jump into the pool and play splashing games. This can save gallons of water over time while keeping your deck dryer and safer. Newer water slides limit splashing. Position a diving board so that it allows splash water to fall back into the pool.

4. Put up wind barriers where possible.

Fences, walls, and shrubs can serve as wind barriers in some parts of Florida. This will depend on the location of the pool. Yards with pools should be fenced for safety. Use the fencing materials that will stand up to high winds that blow across the pool and result in more evaporation.

A combination of a pool cover and a strong fence is good for continuous pool water conservation. The wind barrier and cover will reduce evaporation.

5. Landscape and hardscape to conserve water.

Extensive decking with minimal plantings will conserve water and beautify the pool area. If you need to backwash your filtration system, use that water on plants. A clean filter system will limit the need for backwashing.

Aquaman Leak Detection strongly encourages pool water conservation. Our job is to find and fix leaks immediately to prevent further water loss and save your pool. We also repair spa tubs, fountains, and other water elements.

Aquaman Leak Detection serves all of Florida and is headquartered in Brevard County. Contact us immediately for emergency repairs, including leaks from storm damage.Swimming Pool Leak Detection


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