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Aquaman Detects Leak at NCAA Competition Pool

On Feb 3, 2016
Pool leaks in and of themselves are extremely costly. Not only does your water bill go through the roof, but your pool itself is also a risk for more damage. These problems get exponentially worst when you're dealing with a pool that holds an estimated 644,114 gallons of water. When the Florida Institute of Technology's NCAA Competition pool was experiencing significant water loss, they knew this was one problem they needed to solve fast.

As any pool owner, the first step is to try to diagnose the problem on your own. The maintenance team at FIT did all they could to solve the water loss issue but were unsuccessful. FIT knew they needed to call in a professional and the only team they trusted with their NCAA Competition pool was Aquaman Leak Detection.

How We Detect Pool Leaks:

While the bucket test is a great place to start and diagnose if you have a leak, finding that leak is essential to creating a solution. With over 20 years of helping pool and property owners find leaks in Brevard County, we've created a unique and patented leak detection system that accurately finds leaks without damaging property.

Using the most advanced methods and high tech equipment, we are able to find the problem quicker and more accurately than anyone else in our industry. This technology, at the hands of our specially trained staff, ensures consistent results in finding leaks and remedying the problem.

These skills were put to test when looking for the leak in the FIT pool. This was no small job, but like the hundreds of pool leaks we've uncovered before, we were able to pinpoint the leak, which allowed FIT to pursue the appropriate repair.

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So whether it's an NCAA Competition pool or the pool in your backyard, the pros at Aquaman Leak Detection have your back.

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