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Are Cloudy Pools Safe?

On Feb 4, 2019

Pool School Are Cloudy Pools Safe

Are there sunny days in your future? Are you chasing the clouds away? Is hitting the pool on your plan for today? It's a beautiful day to dive in, but even though there are no clouds in sight, the pool water is cloudy.

You had your heart set on a dip in the pool, but now you are wondering if cloudy pools are safe. The quick answer is, 'NO!" Cloudy pools are not safe, and no one should be allowed to swim in a cloudy pool until it is cleared up.

Are Cloudy Pools Safe?

There are a couple of reasons why it is not safe to swim in a cloudy pool. Before we get into the reasons why it is not safe, let's briefly go over the causes of cloudy pool water, so you will know how to treat it.  A chemical imbalance or a faulty filter are the main causes of cloudy pool water.

  • Chemical Imbalance - When the chemicals in your swimming pool are not properly balanced it can cause bacteria to grow. Algae can also grow if the pH levels are not properly balanced. Chlorine is essential for keeping cloudy waters away. When your pool does not have the correct amount of chlorine, you have the potential for cloudy water.
  • Faulty Filter - Your filter is another possible cause for cloudy water. First, make sure your filter is clean of any debris. When your filter is dirty, it cannot work correctly. Additionally, are you running the filter enough? Even if it is working properly, if you are not running it long enough it may not thoroughly be able to do its job, resulting in cloudy water.  

Safety First

When owning a pool, the mentality always has to be safety first. If you have a cloudy pool, you need to close it until you have clear water. As mentioned earlier - chemical imbalance can cause cloudy water. If your pH levels are not balanced harmful bacteria including E. coli can grow.

More importantly, when the pool water is cloudy, you are not able to see clear to the bottom of the pool. Cloudy water has been cited in 10% of drownings. Visibility is necessary when people are using a pool.
If you are having a hard time keeping your swimming pool water clear give Aquaman Leak Detection a call. Our licensed contractors will help identify why your pool water is cloudy and provide you with solutions to get you back swimming in no time.

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