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Should You Trust An Automatic Chlorinator?

On May 6, 2019

Should You Trust An Automatic Chlorinator

Swimming season is here and with it comes to pool maintenance season. Maintaining the proper water level, checking for holes in the pool liner, and routine inspections eat away your pool days. These are necessary steps in order to protect the life of your family pool, but what if you could automate some of the maintenance?

A time-consuming job that you can’t skip is balancing the pool chemicals. Too much chlorine corrodes your system and causes adverse reactions in swimmers. Too little will lead to unsafe water that causes illnesses. An automatic chlorinator solves this problem, but can you trust the equipment? Aquaman Leak Detection is here to shed some light on what an automatic chlorinator offers and what you need to know before purchasing.


Automatic Chlorinators are Pricey

An automatic chlorinator offers convenience but at a price. It is more costly to purchase upfront compared to a skimmer basket. The chlorine is also more expensive and you have to replace the o-ring and lines frequently due to corrosion.


Automatic Chlorinators Offer Convenience

There is no doubt that this device makes life easier when maintaining a pool of any size. This is more so when you are trying to properly balance the chemical levels of a larger pool or multiple pools. After turning off the pool pump, you turn off the control valve on the feeder and follow the instructions from the manufacturer. The process is quick and allows you to add a large quantity of chlorine into the pool at once without having to handle the chemicals


Cautions When Using an Automatic Chlorinator

One area where you should stay cautious is when opening and refilling the chlorinator. It’s common for chlorine gases to become trapped and suddenly burst out when the door opens. These gases are not safe to inhale. This can be mitigated by standing to the side or wearing a face mask.


Can You Trust an Automatic Chlorinator?

Yes, you can trust an automatic chlorinator to perform well. It’s not completely automated since you have to refill the chlorine and set the dial to the correct settings. Adding the chlorine is automated and easy to control. There is a learning curve to all pool equipment, but that is also true with all aspects of owning and maintaining a pool.

Are you having a hard time keeping the chemicals balanced in your pool even with the help of an automatic chlorinator? This is a sign of a possible pool leak. Give Aquaman Leak Detection a call if you suspect a leak in your Melbourne, FL pool. Our licensed contractors are often able to find and repair pool leaks in one visit.

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