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Central Florida's Best Pool Trends in 2018

On Jan 2, 2018

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Central Florida's pool trends for 2018 will continue with the design concept that incorporates the pool with a spa tub. Homeowners who want to upgrade their yards and even rebuild after the hurricanes may take advantage of popular pool trends that increase property values.

Central Florida’s best pool trends include:

  • Waterfalls and fountains
  • Multi-level pools
  • Infinity pools
  • Saltwater and natural pools

A creative pool design will turn a yard into a resort. Consider including lush landscaping, an outdoor kitchen, pool with a spa tub and special lighting in your backyard oasis. The pool area may include a flagstone bridge or a grotto design. Individual seats or even a swim-up bar attached to the pool are options too.

Water Elements

Cascading waterfalls and fountains have been popular pool additions for decades. New energy-efficient technology allows the water to circulate easily through the waterfall into the pool and filter system. The falls can cascade from a raised hot tub spa or a wall next to the pool. 

Illuminate the pool and waterfall at night with colorful LED lights. The waterfall can be turned off at any time.

The waterfall can be part of a pool slide. The slide stays wet with the same circulating system that forces water over a rock design next to the slide. The waterfall and slide may be part of a concrete or stone wall around the pool area.

A fountain is a stand-alone element that can be placed in a swimming pool to provide a refreshing cascade of water while the pool is in use. A floating pool fountain is an easy way to add this pool trend element to your space. The fountain comes in a kit with an attached hose.

Multi-Level and Infinity Pools

This Central Florida pool trend started with the raised hot tub at one end of the pool. Multi-level pools work with a raised deck that has a shallow pool or wading pool. The lower pool is often deeper and connects to the upper pool with a water slide and/or waterfall. 

The rectangular infinity pool will continue to be popular. One long edge of the pool does not have a deck. This is a current trend in homes with a view of the ocean. The pool gives the illusion of being part of the sea.

Saltwater and Natural Pools

Saltwater pools use fewer chemicals than traditional pools. They can be any design with special salt and chlorine cylinders in the pump system. The saline level is much less than in the sea, but the saltwater is still more buoyant than fresh water. The saltwater system works with fiberglass and concrete or gunite pools. 

Natural pools are a newer trend. Aquatic plants in the pool serve as filters to eliminate harmful bacteria and algae. The pool has a polyethylene liner to protect the surface of the shell. This system requires careful maintenance to protect swimmers. This eco-friendly system does not use chlorine, muriatic acid or other harsh chemicals. The pool water is green and brown in a natural pool. Native plant landscaping typically surrounds the pool.

These are a few of the best swimming pool trends in Central Florida homes that turn a yard into a resort to enjoy all year. 

Even the trendiest pools, spa tubs and water features will require repairs occasionally. Call Aquaman Leak Detection if you suspect a leak. All specially trained Aquaman Leak Detection technicians strive to provide same-day service calls. We currently serve all of Florida.

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