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Suspect a Leak in Your Spa or Hot Tub? Check This First

On Dec 4, 2017

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Your spa or hot tub uses energy to keep the water temperature consistently warm. A leaking spa or hot tub wastes water and electricity trying to maintain your desired settings. There are several areas to check if you suspect a leak. Some of the problems are easy to solve while others may require taking the cabinet apart if it is a stand-alone unit.

The leak in a free-standing fiberglass hot tub is easier to spot. Water will pool on the floor area around the tub. The grass or deck around the tub will be wet and you will notice a low water level when you remove the cover. This usually is not caused by a crack in the fiberglass. You will want to check other tub parts.

Check these areas if you suspect a leak in your spa tub:

  • Fittings
  • Jets
  • Pump
  • Plumbing lines

Fittings and Jets

Check all railings, light fixtures, jets and the filter basket for loose connections in freestanding and in-ground spa tubs. You need to replace a cracked light fixture completely. This may also require a new can to hold the light.

Tighten any loose screws on the light fixture. It is surprising how much water is lost from water seeping in behind the light. A separate in-ground spa tub can also have a problem with its light. A special emulsion sealer can repair most tubs leaks.

Water can leak out behind jets or a loose skimmer basket. This will cause a leak in either your spa tub connected to a swimming pool or a freestanding unit. 

Allow the water to settle in a spa tub with the pump off when you check for leaks. If the water stops leaking just below the jets, that is an indication of a leak from those return lines. This may be due to a spa jet gasket that has deteriorated. 

Pump and Plumbing

Gaskets and O-rings can also be responsible for leaks in the skimmer, light or various motor parts. You may need to replace the gaskets and rings in the motor, chlorinator or the filter assembly.

The joints on the PVC pipe may be loose, but you should also check to make sure you’ve tightened the couplings in any of the lines. Your tub has PVC lines connecting to the heater, filter, skimmer and air blower. Confirm there is strong suction in return lines with valves. The layout of the PVC pipes is different for in-ground and freestanding spa tubs.

Check all of the plumbing lines outside of a freestanding spa tub before you open the cabinet. You may have to dig through insulating foam inside the cabinet to find the wettest area where pipes are loose. This is a job for a professional leak repair service.

Special ultrasonic equipment may be required to find broken couplings and pipes that are in a spa tub set in the ground or an elevated tub connected to a pool. This is the best way to find the underground plumbing leak in your spa without tearing up the deck.

Aquaman Leak Detection will find and repair leaks in your spa tub as well as in your swimming pool. The plumbing systems for both pools are usually connected. Aquaman's ultrasonic system will pinpoint plumbing leaks and work to repair them immediately.

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