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On Nov 26, 2018

Aquaman Leak Detection - Quickly Find a Spa Tub Leak

Nothing says “relaxing” like spending some much-needed time in your spa tub. Unfortunately, relaxing can quickly change to stressing if you suspect your spa tub to have a leak. If this describes you, read on as we share a few quick tricks to help you find your spa tub leak.

How to Find a Spa Tub Leak Quickly

Check the Pump and Pipes

The first thing you want to do is check the pump and the pipes for any apparent leaks. If you find water near the pump or dampness on the pipes, it is likely that they are the cause of your spa tub leak. Don't panic if you do find wetness around your pump; it doesn't mean you need a new pump yet, it can very well just be the seals.

Look at Your Fittings and Fixtures

Another common area to look at to find a spa tub leak is the fittings. You want to examine your lights carefully to see if any are loose and need tightening. A cracked light could also be the cause of the leak; in this case, you need to replace the light. Other areas to inspect include the drain, railings, and filter baskets. Check to make sure each of these components is properly situated in place and tightened.

Do a Dye Test

A quick way to find a spa tub leak is the dye test. The dye test consists of using dark-colored dye to pinpoint a leak around a jet. To do the test you need to enter the spa and carefully squirt the dye around the edge of the jet a section at a time. If the dye gets sucked away, you have found your leak. The dye is being carried out with water that leaks. Even if you have found one leak, it’s wise to check all your jets as there could be more than one leak. If the dye doesn't get swept away and swirls in the water, there is no leak. Check out this video to see first-hand how to do a dye test.

Is your spa time in danger of being ruined by a leak? Never fear, Aquaman is here… or we could be there, helping you. All you need to do is contact us today and let our team at Aquaman Leak Detection do what we do best; repair pool and spa leaks all in an effort to get you back to relaxing in the water fast.

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