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Commercial Pool Leak Detection And Why It's Important

On Sep 19, 2016


A pool leak in a commercial pool at a hotel, motel, country club or health club is bad for business. Guests at a hotel and health club members are attracted by the opportunity to swim and enjoy the surroundings.

Managers of commercial pools, including hotels, country clubs, health clubs, spas, condominiums and apartment communities must check for pool leaks on a daily or weekly basis. Outdoor pools must be checked for damage that can cause leaks after a storm system moves through.

Storm Damage

High winds and pounding rain can lead to problems with your commercial pool, including loose fittings on railings and other fixtures. These problems can result in pool leakage if they are not fixed immediately. The pool can turn green with algae growth or debris can accumulate on the bottom or near the skimmer.

A wind storm can blow water out of the pool even if it is raining. Decking and landscaping can be damaged with some of the debris falling into the pool and clogging the drains. Loose tiles above and below the waterline can be blown off. The pool should be checked for leaks and repaired immediately for guests and club members.

The pump and motor should be turned off during a storm and turned on again to clean the pool when the weather is settled. Check for damage to the skimmer and a leak in the intake lines if the motor is working but the water level remains low.

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Low Water

When the pool's water level is low, air can be taken in through the skimmer, harming the pump system. The pump will overheat without water, causing expensive damage to various parts of the system. This is likely due to a pool leak somewhere in the intake line, surface or fittings.

Check the railings and any area where metal meets the pool surface. All fixtures, including lights, should be tight. The skimmer assembly should also be tight. It is hard to close a commercial pool for 24 hours to conduct the bucket test, but it might be necessary if you cannot locate a leak when the water level is below normal.

Professional Assistance

Aquaman Leak Detection will respond immediately to calls from property managers responsible for commercial pools. This is important for repairs at any time but especially after a storm. Patented sonar equipment is used to locate broken intake lines under the pool decking. Repairs are quick and the entire deck does not need to be replaced.

Aquaman can also repair a pool leak on the surface area without draining the pool. Club members or resort guests can use the pool and spa as soon as they are repaired.

Contact Aquaman Leak Detection for suspected pool leaks. We serve all of Florida with pool leak repair services.

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