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Common Above Ground Pool Leaks

On Mar 7, 2018

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It may be easier to discover a leak in an above ground swimming pool; it still takes a little detective work to determine where the leak is as well as the best steps for a repair. A bucket test will confirm if a pool leak is present but finding the location will still involve examination of the pool and surrounding grounds.

There are several common ways an above ground pool can develop a leak. If your swimming pool water level is dropping begin your leak hunt by checking the most common areas where a pool leak starts.

Here’s our list of Common Above Ground Pool Leaks

Pool Liner

Vinyl liners have a lifespan of 6 to 12 years. You can extend its life by keeping your pool covered when not in use. Liner tears often develop from sharp objects cutting into the pool edges or floor. A stray rock, tree branch, broken toy or glass shard are all small enough to create more than one tear if left in the pool for an extended period of time.

Vinyl liners usually don’t require total replacement for small tears. Patch kits come in various sizes and are reasonably priced. The material is pliable enough to cut and cover the exact size and shape of your pool liner tear. Patches will last for a while if applied properly.


A skimmer in excellent working order pulls water from the pool through the filter system. Larger pools will have more than one skimmer. There are many working parts to a skimmer including a lid, removable basket and three types of valves.

The function of the skimmer basket is to catch small debris before it enters the filter. One of the most common skimmer leaks develops when the edges loosen and pull water through the sides in addition to the mouth of the skimmer. A common sign of this leak is identified when the level of the pool drops quickly and then levels off under the mouth of the skimmer.

Pump and Filter

A clogged skimmer can cause the pool pump to leak. To stop this, first try turning off the pool pump, removing the skimmer and clearing its contents. More often your pool pump will begin to leak when air enters the pump parts instead of water. Air pulled into the intake or return lines can reduce the filtered water from evenly returning to the pool and cause pressure to build in the lines.

Above all, the pool pump motor must stay dry. If a leak begins in the seal shaft, turn off the pool pump and call a professional to repair or replace the pool pump parts. This is an issue for a trained contractor to fix.

Pool Light

Lighting fixtures have screws that occasionally loosen. Any break in a seal becomes a gap for water to escape a swimming pool. Check the light in your above ground pool for spaces created from loosened screws or a misfitting light cap. The light can also separate from the pool wall. The final way a pool light leaks is if the cap covering the bulb cracks. It’s possible you will discover the best way to stop this leak is to replace the pool light.

Regardless of the size, it’s important to address a swimming pool leak in your above ground pool as quickly as possible. A small leak can quickly become a large issue without repair. Contact Aquaman Leak Detection to repair your pool or spa tub leak. We service Central, FL residential and commercial swimming pools.

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