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Electronic Pool Leak Detection is Here! Welcome the Leakalyzer

On Feb 3, 2016


Electronic pool leak detection is fast and accurate! When you need fast leak detection, which may be the case for hotels, motels, gyms, and properties under contract, call Aquaman Leak Detection for a 20 minute accurate detection!

The newest in fast electronic pool leak detection technology, the Leakalyzer 2000 (just kidding, its name is simply the Leakalyzer but we couldn't resist), can calculate with accuracy if you have a swimming pool leak electronically in a matter of 20 minutes.

This new technology is state of the art and is very accurate to 10,000th of an inch.

Essentially an electronic bucket test, the Leakalyzer can create exact findings in about 20 minutes that are more accurate than the 24 hr set up, wait and measure procedure used in a traditional bucket test.

This new technology is appropriate for emergency situations, commercial properties, for properties either under contract or being inspected, and for homeowners and property managers who want precise and fast information about the details of their pool leak.

Homeowners can still rely on a traditional bucket test to give them some insight into a pool leak being present, but now there is a super quick option with extremely precise results when needed using the electronic pool leak detection provided by Leakalyzer.

Aquaman Leak Detection is proud to stay on top of the newest and most precise technology so we can continue to offer the fastest and most reliable service to our customers. Take a moment to read some of our testimonials and give us a call if you suspect a leak.

Give us a call with any questions! We have a helpful and experienced team ready to answer and help you.

By Aquaman

We now proudly serve all of Florida. Each of our trained and certified pool leak detection specialists utilize the most advanced methods and technologies.

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