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Evaporation, Are You Tricking Me or Do I have a Pool Leak?

On Feb 3, 2016


Do I have a leak? Evaporation is defined as the transfer of liquid water into a vapor state to the atmosphere.

Naturally, any time you have a body of water, you will experience some level of evaporation, or the transfer of some of your body of water into vapors- which may cause the water level to be lower than expected. So, do you have a leak or are you experiencing normal evaporation? How can you tell?

We found this nifty diagram to share and some detailed information about the process and science behind evaporation including how it fits into the water cycle here at THIS LINK that you may be interested in...

After you determine if you have a leak or not, of course!

For our homeowners, property managers, and pool owners in fear of a possible leak, we have condensed the information down to what we think is applicable to you and your possible pool or spa leak below.

Typical Evaporation

If your pool, spa or fountain is losing half an inch a day, it could be evaporation, or it could be a leak. A quarter-inch per day is most likely evaporation. The evaporation rate in your area depends on the levels of humidity, sunlight intensity, barometric pressure, wind, as well as the amount of use (people) in the pool, spa or fountain. In the heat of the summer, and with excessive winds, more evaporation is likely. If the conditions have been the same, but the water level isn't, that's a good sign you need to check for a leak.

How can I tell if I have a leak or just evaporation?

If you aren't sure, we suggest you perform a bucket test. A bucket test takes evaporation out of the equation by providing a way to measure the water in the main part of the pool, and a controlled part of the pool at the same time. This is an excellent first step to help you determine if you need professional help. You can learn more about how to perform a bucket test.

Whatever you do, don't leave a leak lurking around your pool, as leaks are expensive in many ways. In addition to the water consumption costs, the leaking water could erode pool decks or foundations leading to bigger and even more costly problems. Please also remember to be a good steward of our natural resources. Clean water is precious.

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