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How to Stage Your Swimming Pool When Selling Your Home

On Apr 24, 2017

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Backyard appeal is as important as curb appeal in preparing a home for sale. A beautiful, blue swimming pool in a professionally landscaped backyard will help sell your home. Prospective buyers will look at the crystal clear, shimmering water and want to enjoy poolside living.

Florida homes offer pools with patio decks surrounded by lush tropical landscaping. Many pools have spa tubs attached. Waterfalls and fountains can also be part of the landscape. These are major selling points for your home. 

Preparing Your Pool

Your swimming pool should be filled to the recommended level with the necessary chemicals added for the right pH balance. This will give it the clean, clear look that is so inviting. A clean pool indicates that you care for your home and yard.

You may need to skim the pool to remove floating debris. Check the skimmer basket and clean it as well. Brush or vacuum the pool if necessary. Make sure the tile work is clean. Fill in any cracks or loose caulking. 

The cover should be rolled back or removed. The cover is an extra benefit. You can also polish stainless steel railings and ladders.

Check your pump system and turn it on when you are expecting prospective buyers. The real estate agent will show buyers how well it works. 

Clean up the pump room area. Check the filter system and the backwash. Polish and clean the equipment.

Patio and Grounds

This is your outdoor living area, and it should look as good as your indoor space. The pool and grounds are very often the areas viewed from your living room. Your swimming pool and attached spa tub are actually the main focal points.

Grounds that are landscaped with trees and flowers add to the beauty of the pool area. Plants should not be too close to the pool. You don't want floating debris from leaves and petals clogging the skimmer and filter. Lawns should be mowed and hedges trimmed.

Potted plants always look good on paved decking. You may have a fire pit or built-in barbecue in the patio area. These elements should be clean and ready for use.

The decking around the pool should be spotless. Any cracks in the cement or pavers should be filled. Loose stones should be replaced or grouted.

All pool toys and personal items should be stored. Dressing rooms, shower, and any restroom facility must be spotless.

Lawn chairs and other patio furniture should be clean and inviting. A real estate agent may ask prospective buyers to sit around the pool area for a few minutes while they discuss the house. They will ultimately focus on the swimming pool.

A Healthy Pool is Leak Free

Check your pool and grounds for leaks. A leaking pool will be a turn-off to a potential buyer. Wet decking, low water or dripping equipment in the pump room area could raise concerns for people looking to buy a home with a pool.

Contact Aquaman Leak Detection immediately if you suspect a leak in your pool or pump system. We will find the leak with one visit and help you get your yard ready for staging.

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