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Your Swimming Pool: The Perfect Staycation

On Jul 5, 2016

pool_staycation.jpgYour backyard swimming pool and spa tub are your own personal resort. You may even have a waterfall or fountain as part of your yard landscaping, which adds to the resort atmosphere. This is the place to enjoy a "staycation" away from crowds and the hassles of airports, car rentals and hotels.

You may be responsible for your own room service, but you can create your own menu. You will probably make your own tropical fruit drink with or without a paper umbrella. There are dining and entertainment venues everywhere in Florida, you don't have to go far from home.

You can relax by your pool while other people are waiting in long lines at the theme parks or looking for space on a crowded beach. Your personal backyard resort will not experience the wear and tear of a commercial resort swimming pool. You won't have the noise and splashing. You won't have to "stake out" lounge chairs or a table with an umbrella.

There are golf courses and tennis courts if want to get away from your home for a few hours. You can also visit the Everglades National Park or 10 other national parks in the state. Florida is also home to several wildlife refuges. There are 160 state parks and you can visit some of them for just a day. Then you can return home for a dip in your own pool.

You may want to use floats or water chairs while enjoying your vacation at home. You can make the pool look pretty at night with floating LED balls that are easily removed in the morning.

The concept of the "staycation" is growing in popularity, especially in Florida which is a leading vacation destination. Authentic Florida explains more about the state's natural attractions. Many of these recreational areas may not be far from where you live.

Personal Resort Maintenance

Your swimming pool is the center of your personal resort and it deserves continual maintenance. It is a good idea to check your pool for leaks before your "staycation" starts so that you can enjoy your pool and its accessories.

Check your water level daily and keep the skimmers and intake lines clean. Double check all fittings such as lights or railings in the pool. Look over the surface above and beneath the water for cracks or tears, depending on the material.

Call Aquaman Leak Detection if you suspect a leak before your "staycation" starts so that you can enjoy your personal resort without problems. Aquaman serves 11 counties in Central Florida coast-to-coast. We offer 24/7 emergency service to fix any pool leaks.

Consider your Florida swimming pool to be a perfect spot for your vacation all summer long.

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