How to Patch a Pool with Water in it

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How to Stop a Pool Leak

On Oct 3, 2016


Stopping a pool leak may be a simple procedure or it may take the work of a professional company familiar with the equipment necessary to find and fix a plumbing or motor problem. Hot tub spas also leak occasionally requiring repairs.

Once you find a pool leak, you need to take the steps necessary to contain it. You may be able to do this yourself, depending on the materials used for the pool and the location of the leak.

Finding The Leak

Check the following once you have completed the bucket test to confirm a leak:

  • Surface cracks and fissures beneath the waterline
  • Tiles and accessories that have cracked or become loose
  • Metal rails and other fittings
  • Joint work where steps or other corners meet
  • Pool decking that might have excess water
  • Pump room area
  • Skimmer connections and drains

Easy To Fix

If you have a vinyl pool, you may have a patch kit that allows you to find a minor tear in the surface before it can expand into something more serious. Or, you may find it necessary to call in a professional pool repair service such as Aquaman Leak Detection. We are experienced in repairing vinyl pool surfaces throughout Florida.

A pool leak in a gunite surface is far more extensive. We use a special epoxy to repair the surface cracks and fissures that can happen in concrete and gunite pools. The fissure is often located using a red dye in the water. The pool does not have to be drained to fix the problem.

A leak may be easy to fix if it is a case of tightening the metal fittings such as a railing or drain. Replacing broken tiles and caulking may not be difficult if they are at or above the waterline.

Fiberglass pools are usually one-piece structures in-ground or above ground that are very durable. Cracks occur only when the pool surface is attacked by a hard object. Leaks in this type of pool are often at the fitting attachments, drain, pump or plumbing lines.

Pump Problems

Water on the floor of the pump room may indicate a leak in the intake or return lines to the pool. In this case, a professional diagnosis and repair are necessary. However, we suggest that a person suspecting a pool leak in the pump system check the impeller that keeps water out of the motor system. This is easy to replace.

A leak in a PVC plumbing line can be remedied as soon as we locate it. Aquaman uses a patented ultrasonic system to find the leak without tearing up the decking. This problem can often be fixed in a day.

Check the heating, filtration and chlorinator systems in your pool and spa tub frequently although these sections of the pump system rarely leak.

Don't hesitate to contact us at Aquaman Leak Detection as soon as you realize your pool is losing water. See our recommendations for the bucket test to confirm the leak. A leak can expand quickly causing extensive damage and costly repairs.

Aquaman Leak Detection serves Florida coast-to-coast with same-day service.

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